Welcome to Amex Ventures Insights


Matt Sueoka

Senior VP and Global Head,
Amex Ventures

Welcome to “Amex Ventures Insights,” a destination we’ve created to further connect with our community of founders, startups, investors, partners and innovators. Here we’ll share industry insights, our investment philosophies, important updates from our portfolio, and more.


Since joining the Ventures team over a year ago, I’ve continued to see the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships with our portfolio companies and the greater startup, venture capital and innovation community. These relationships allow us to learn about new technologies and create new partnerships and products that better meet the needs of our customers. Amex Ventures Insights is a way to increase connectivity across our broad network and enable us to share what’s on our minds.


We are excited about the innovation coming out of the companies we are meeting. From new ways to fight fraud, using Web3 technology to create new products, engaging customers in new ways, and better enabling cross-border commerce globally. The problems being solved by startup founders and their teams are tremendous and provide ample opportunity for investment and partnership with American Express.


We look forward to sharing insights on our approach, new investments, how we partner with our portfolio companies to help them succeed, and more. I’m excited to launch this destination today and use it as a tool for sharing insights and building relationships. Looking forward to engaging with everyone. More to come!



Published Date May 02, 2023