How to use the Disputes Summary Table

Your Summary View


Your summary view is the first page you will see when you arrive at your Disputes section of the Merchant website. This page provides a consolidated overview of all your Inquiries1 and Chargebacks2


The Disputes that need the most attention and require a response are displayed by default, sorted by expiration date. The case number, Dispute amount, reason for the Dispute, and type of Dispute (Chargeback, Inquiry, Case Update, or Dispute Alert*), as well as the expiration date, are displayed in the summary table. Case numbers are clickable and will allow you to view the specific details of that case and take any actions required to move the case toward closing.


*The Dispute Alert type is only available for Merchants enrolled in Accelerated Dispute Resolution.

Screenshot of the Disputes Summary view

If you need to view additional columns in your table:

  • Click the gear icon at the top left of your table to get to your Column Customization settings
  • Once in the settings, you may drag and drop the column fields in any order
  • If you require more than six columns in your table, click the “Need more columns” link that will appear once you add your sixth column
  • Click “Apply” to save your settings

Please note, your column settings will be applied per table view, so you are able to customize your Response Needed, Review in Progress, and Closed tables individually.

Screenshot of Custom Columns

You also have the option to use the Bulk Response feature to respond to multiple Disputes at once. To do so:

  • Click the gear icon in the Response Needed tab and navigate to “Bulk Response”
  • Click the checkbox to turn on checkboxes in your table
  • Select up to 100 Disputes to respond to in a single response submission
Screenshot of Bulk Response screen
Screenshot of Bulk Response options

Note: If you select both Inquiries and Chargebacks for your Bulk Response, we will automatically separate your response into two responses due to Inquiries and Chargebacks having different response requirements.

You can filter your Disputes in a few different ways.


Filter by Merchant ID:

Screenshot of filtering by merchant ID

Filter by Amount:

Screenshot for filtering by dispute amount

Filter by Dispute Type*:


*The Dispute Alert type is only available for Merchants enrolled in Accelerated Dispute Resolution.

Screenshot of filtering by type of Dispute

Choose the "More" dropdown for additional filter options:

Screenshot of "More" dropdown for additional filter options

You can easily download the Disputes Summary Table view in .XLSX, .XLS, or .CSV formats by clicking on the download button. Please note that your download will include all columns, regardless of the columns you've selected for your table.

Screenshot of Downloading Disputes

Any Disputes that require urgent attention or review are highlighted above the Disputes Summary Table. You can click the hyperlink to view the details of any urgent cases.

There are three different tables within the Disputes Summary Table that can be accessed by tabs on the left-hand side of the table:

  • Response Needed - this table displays the cases that are in need of a response 
  • Review in Progress - this table displays cases that have been responded to but have not yet been closed
  • Closed - this table displays an archive of closed cases

1. Inquiry: American Express asks the Merchant to provide documentation before American Express debits the Merchant's Account.

2. Chargeback: American Express automatically debits the Merchant's Account, then asks the Merchant to provide supporting documentation.

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