Statements & Reports:

Downloading Reports

Within the Payments tab, you will see a sub-section labeled "Statements & Reports" that will allow you to download statements, create reports, and access information on schedule report downloads. 


Note: For newly enrolled users, payments data will be available within four hours. 


To download reports, choose by Report Type, Data Grouping, Level of Information (Summary or Summary with Details), Report Format (.CSV, .XLS), Locations, Date Range, and Data Type (Settlement Date, Transaction Date, or Amex Date).

Screenshot of report download options

As you are customizing your report, you can create a name for the report and save the report as a template for future use.

Screenshot of report template options and ability to name report

At the top of the page, you can click on "Use a Saved Report Template" to access a previously created Report.


Once the Report Templates modal appears, choose a saved template and click the "Continue" button.

Screenshot of saved templates

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