Identity Theft




Protect yourself from  identity theft 


Your details are private. Let's keep it that way.


Identity theft occurs when someone uses your name and personal details to open new accounts or take over your existing account. Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways you can help prevent identity theft. 





How to prevent identity theft:


Monitor your Account

Keep your Card safe

  • Never let anyone else use your Card.  
  • Sign the back of new Cards straight away. 
  • Always destroy expired Cards. 
  • Let us know as soon as you can if your Card has been lost or stolen. 

Use a mobile wallet

  • Mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay require fingerprint authorization and don't keep your Card details stored on your device (or shared with merchants).
  • They provide an extra layer of protection. Be sure not to let anyone else register their fingerprint or face recognition to your phone, and don't share your phone passcodes. 


Protect your PIN

  • Choose a PIN that's hard to guess (e.g. not your date of birth). 
  • Never write down your PIN or keep it with your Card.
  • Don't share your PIN.
  • Shield your PIN whenever you use it. 

Keep personal details personal 


When choosing a user ID, password and PIN, avoid using something that's easy to find out, like your child or pet's name. Use different passwords for all your accounts (that includes email and social media), and change them regularly.  


Fraudsters may call, text or email you, asking you for personal information such as your account details or verification code (something we would never, ever do).  They use this information to create a new login ID for your online account to view or make changes. Or the information may enable them to authenticate themselves as you to verify charges or to request a new Card be sent to them.    

Be aware of SIM swap


SIM swap fraud is when fraudsters try to access your account by taking over your phone number. If you suddenly stop receiving texts or phone calls, contact your mobile provider right away. It could mean you’ve become a victim of SIM swap.  



General safety advice


Our general advice would be to keep all your personal details and documents safe.

Shred bank statements, utility bills and other documents when no longer needed.

Switch to paperless statements and view your account online or through our mobile app.

Review your credit report regularly (see list below) and sign up for alerts to spot fraud early.


Credit Bureaus



(800) 525-6285 



(888) 397-3742 



(800) 680-7289 

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