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American Express® Global Apply For Card Launch Announcement


Select appropriate paragraphs according to whether the Customer is already using digital Card Applications (Apply for Card) or uses paper Card applications.


In partnership with American Express®, we’re excited to let you know that a new Corporate Card process that streamlines our American Express Corporate Card applications will launch <insert date>.

Existing digital Card application Customer:

Starting <insert date>, we’ll begin managing all our American Express Corporate Card applications in the new version of the online tool. Any digital Card applications that are currently in progress will remain in the old version until they have been completed.


The new digital Card application tool further simplifies the Card application process and was designed in response to feedback on the existing platform. The experience is now faster and reduces your administration time to complete the necessary form.

Paper Card application Customer:

Starting <insert date>, we’ll use the digital Card application tool to initiate, complete, approve and track all our Corporate Card applications and will no longer use the paper version.


The new digital Card application tool will fast track completion of applications and our internal approval process through increased accuracy and automated email notifications to prompt next steps. It’ll also enable our employees to track the status of their application at any time and reduce the time it takes to receive a Card after applying.


Visit our <insert Company name> Intranet here <insert URL> for detailed instructions on how to initiate a Card application whenever you wish to request an American Express Corporate Card.

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