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Trust American Express FX International Payments for secure money transfers.

It’s simple and secure to receive money transfers from overseas with American Express Foreign Exchange Services. After all, we've been facilitating international transfers for over a century, so you can rely on us to deliver competitive rates, an easy process and, best of all, a trusted global network with a reputation for service.

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  • Send your payment instructions to your sender.

    After you've submitted the form below, a PDF will automatically appear on the next screen. This PDF will include all of the important information you'll need to process your transfer, including the SWIFT Code (or Bank Code).

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Why do you recommend transferring funds in foreign currencies?

Ensuring funds are transferred in a foreign currency instead of AUD helps to avoid higher transfer costs and fees.

Are there any fees or charges involved?

International transfers are sometimes subject to correspondent fees and charges by the remitting (sending) or corresponding banks, which, in turn, slightly reduces the transaction amount.

How long will my transfer take?

The receipt of your funds is subject to, and dependent on, when the remitter initiates the transfer.

What exchange rate will be applied?

The exchange rate is determined on the day the funds are received and is subject to market fluctuations.

Why do we add payment notes stating "DO NOT CONVERT TO AUD"?

Without this payment note, your transaction may be subject to auto-conversion into AUD funds, and the exchange rate may be subject to the discretion of the remitting or intermediary bank.

What foreign currencies can I transfer into my Australian Financial Institution account?

American Express Foreign Exchange accepts transfers from over 100 countries and 25 currencies.