American Express Foreign Exchange Services

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Please pay to Details Required
Without these payment notes, your transaction may be subject to auto-conversion into AUD funds, and/or be rejected as the ultimate beneficiary needs to be clearly identified.

To make sure your international money transfer is received without delay.

What you need to do:

Check that all of the details on these payment instructions are correct.

Forward a PDF of these payment instructions to your overseas sender via email; or by printing and sending it.

The receipt of your funds is subject to and dependent on when the remitter (overseas sender) initiates the transfer. To ensure that your funds are successfully received in a timely manner, please ensure that your remitter has followed the payment instructions provided.

What your remitter (overseas sender) needs to do:

Give the payment instructions PDF to their bank or financial institution.

Deposit the agreed amount in the currency specified on the payment instructions.

If possible, email the transaction confirmation to: This will help ensure that your money transfer is processed quickly.

If you have any further questions, please call your financial institution.