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Making the Most of your American Express Benefits


American Express provides you with the support and marketing tools to help attract customers and keep them coming back.






Our Card Members


We can help your business grow by giving you exposure to our Card Member base.

39% of Australian American Express Card Members report an annual household income of $125,000 or more, relative to 25% of Non-Card Members.1

American Express Card Members report spending 1.7x more than Non-Card Members.2










Our relationship with our Card Members


Majority of our Card Members prefer to use American Express Cards and they are more inclined to return to businesses where they can use their American Express Cards.




of American Express Card Members report American Express is their Card of choice.3


of Card Members report they are more likely to return to an American Express accepting merchant.4






Shop Small



Small businesses are the backbone of our community and economy in Australia. The American Express Shop Small initiative is our way to support small businesses. This is where we reward our Card Members for backing their local businesses with a credit back for spending with the eligible businesses.


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american express shop small logo


See how we connect local businesses and Card Members.  Find Out More






Our Signage




  • 64% of American Express Card Members report looking for signs that the Merchant accepts American Express before making retail purchases.5
  • American Express Card Members report spending 1.7x more than Non-Card Members.2 Attract these higher value customers by showing you accept American Express.
  • American Express signs and supplies sent to your door for free.
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a clerk helping a customer with an order




Attract more customers with our free signs and supplies.  Find Out More






Get more exposure to Card Members with Amex Offers



Amex Offers connect your brand to our Card Members. Together, we’ll create a marketing plan designed to meet your brands’ marketing objectives, whether that’s finding new customers, re-engaging past customers or rewarding loyalty.


  • Get exposure to our Card Members across our marketing channels. All you pay for is the credit provided to the Card Members after the campaign. You even get a detailed report of your campaign performance.

  • Your offer will appear on the Card Member App and Card Members can take up your offer by simply tapping it to save the offer to their Card and then spending with you.

  • To be eligible for Amex Offers, you must accept American Express with zero or equal surcharge to all other cards. Amex Offers are most recommended to Merchants with over 5+ in-store locations or a prominent online presence, be it in Retail, Dining, Utilities, Transport, Lodging, Subscriptions and Grocery.


Reach out to us at for more information.






Partnership Campaigns


We have high profile partnership programmes with popular brands like Vogue, Vivid and Delicious, driving 'at scale' support to our Merchants in the Retail, Entertainment and Dining industries.

vogue online shopping night presented by american express
Vivid Lights Music and Ideas campaign
Delicious Nights Shop Small Campaign




Be Recommended on Our Merchant Map



In our communications to our Card Members via emails, social media and the Card Member App, we have a bespoke 'Merchant Map' that shows businesses that accept American Express. You may be featured to Card Members who are likely to spend with you based on their locations and/or past spending patterns.


merchant map app on smartphone









More things American Express is doing to back you




Fraud Protection tips and tools:

Learn basic fraud prevention tips to protect your business. As an American Express Merchant, you have access to best in class fraud prevention tools.



Simple and transparent fee structure: Our fee structure is very simple, charging the same rate per transaction (including contactless transactions).






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