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American Express® 

Contactless Card 


How does contactless work?


  • If your American Express Card is marked with the contactless symbol, you can pay quickly and securely for your purchases by simply tapping your Card wherever you see the universal contactless symbol.
  • You can use your contactless Card at any retailer that display the American Express® contactless symbol.
  • Complete a contactless purchase with your American Express Card of up to 350 kr without using your PIN.
  • Transaction limit for a contactless payment varies between each country.
  • If you are enrolled with American Express EuroBonus programme, your contactless purchases are eligible for points just like any other transaction.
  • Contactless is just as secure as Chip and PIN, and you're covered by the same fraud protection and guarantees.

How to pay contactless - step by step


Step 1  


  • Check that your card has the contactless symbol 


Step 2  


  • Check that the card reader displays the contactless symbol


Step 3  


  • Tap your card against the card reader. Done! You have completed a contactless payment. 

Frequently asked questions about contactless