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Programme Administrators Guide


Access information, tools and resources to help you manage your American Express Corporate Programme



As a Programme Administrator, you oversee the day-to-day management of the American Express Corporate Programmes and form the link between your company and American Express. This is an important role and one that we want to make as easy as possible. This administration guide gives you the necessary information and contact details to manage the Corporate Card and/or Business Travel Account Programme. This guide will be your first port of call when you need answers about the set-up, day-to-day management and reporting options of your account.


For additional questions you are always welcome to contact our Customer Service

Corporate Card Programme 



The Corporate Card programme gives more control over (travel) expenses of your employees and cashflow benefit. It is an effective tool for managing business expenses of company employees.

Benefits for your company:


Joining is easy

Independence from bank and easy implementation


Cards for business expenses

Effective control of business expenses and easy access to data


Visibility & Control

Access to data and expense reports


Convenient settlement methods

• 28 day credit period

• Settlement adjusted to company needs


Benefits for Cardmembers


Business Travel Insurance package 


Exceptional Customer Care

• Support of local Customer Service team

• Hands-on advice and direct assistance from our dedicated account managers

Business Travel Account (BTA) Programme 


The BTA is a centrally billed account held at your Travel Agency, used for your employees’ travel expenses. The BTA gives you enhanced visibility, improved control and helps to save time and money.

Benefits for your company:·   


• BTA is not linked to the Company’s bank account 

• 28 day credit period

• Full expenses control due to electronic reports from American Express

• Assistance of dedicated BTA Department specialists

• Transaction security and guarantee of system prices 

• Financial security if the airline or Travel Agency goes bankrupt (‘charge back’)

• Reduction in the number of transfers – one collective transfer for all air tickets and services purchased from the Travel Agency using the BTA

• No annual fee for BTA

• No commission on BTA turnover


This is how it works:


  • Make your reservation at your chosen travel agent. 
  • Choose Business Travel Account (BTA) as way of payment.
  • Travel agent will send you a pro-forma invoice with the booking details.
  • Travel agent will supply American Express with the booking details.
  • Amex will pay the outstanding cost.
  • In case of an airline refund, the airline will credit the BTA directly

Use the forms below to connect, update or remove a Program Administrator (PA) to access the American Express online service, the do-it-yourself tool that allows you to manage your Corporate Card Program online


PA Enrolment


PA Modification


PA Removal