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Strong Customer Authentication



We have added an additional layer or security 


A new legislation, the EU’s Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) requires all card issuers to perform Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to payments made online. SCA is a two-factor authentication process designed to add an extra layer of security when you make an electronic payment.


These rules mean that from 25 August 2020 we are required to apply them for relevant online payments. If your transaction meets the requirement for additional authentication checks and the merchant had not enabled SafeKey then the regulation mandates that we decline the transaction.

Changes to your Online Account access

  • American Express have added an additional layer of security to your Online Account to make sure the person logging in is really you. Log in to your Online Account as you normally do, using your username and password


  • You'll recieve a verication code via SMS or email. Enter the verification code we sent and continue login to your Online Account. We verify that you are logging in from a device we trust by sending you a verification code. 

Changes to check-out when you shop online 

More SafeKey  


  • You’ll see more of SafeKey as it will appear more often during the checkout stage

More frequent identify checks  


  • To verify your identity we will send you verification codes via email or SMS. To ensure you can receive verification codes, check that your contact details are up to date.

Partial PIN  


  • Occasionally we may need to ask for more than one piece of information, in those cases we will need you to enter part of your Card PIN. This is the same PIN that you use in-store. 

Frequently asked questions about Strong Customer Authentication


Frequently asked questions about partial PIN verification