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2024 Global Travel Trends Report
The 2024 Global Travel Trends1 Report uncovers the driving forces behind why people are travelling right now. While the preferences and motivations of global travellers vary nationally, generationally, and otherwise, one thing remains clear: they intend to make the most of their trips this year.
For the Love of the Game
Both internationally and domestically, fans are logging serious miles to witness their favorite sporting events firsthand.
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Planning Big
Travellers are booking big trips, whether or not they have something to celebrate.
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Going Solo
For deep relaxation, developing a new interest, or meeting new people, the focus on solo trips continues to rise.
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On a Whim
With so much of life structured and scheduled these days, people are seeking flexibility in their travel plans and leaving room for spontaneity.
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People are travelling to make memories in 2024. While everyone’s motivation for booking a trip is unique – whether it’s taking a solo getaway to recharge or embarking on an expedition cruise or safari – the trips that are trending are sure to be transformative, and our American Express Travel Consultants are here to build dream itineraries and help every step of the way.”

Audrey Hendley,President of American Express Travel
of respondents plan to spend more or the same amount of money on travel in 2024 compared to last year
of respondents are planning on using ‘travel hacks’ such as travelling during off-peak times or using credit card points to save money on travel in 2024
of respondents care more about the right travel experience than about the cost of the trip
For the Love of the Game
It’s not just about rooting for your team: fans are planning trips around athletic events, whether it involves a favorite sport, a beloved team, or an international multi-sport competition.
of respondents who plan to travel to a sporting event in 2024 will spend at least 3 hours getting there
of Millennial and Gen-Z respondents (compared to 58% of all respondents) are interested in travelling for sporting events in 2024
of respondents who are travelling for sports in 2024 will do so for soccer, basketball or Formula 1 racing

Nearly three-quarters of global respondents are into sports, with 71% considering themselves either a “huge” or casual fan. And as easy as it is to watch from your living room, 37% have plans to travel for sports this year. Of those, 38% will average trips of 6 hours or more

Why are these fans going the extra mile in 2024? The driving forces include: watching a favorite sports team in person (35%), witnessing a big sports or cultural event (34%), and seeing a favorite athlete (20%).

In the past few years, Las Vegas has become an even more sought-after destination due to the growing prevalence of professional sports – giving us an even greater opportunity to focus on luxury, experience-based travel. Iconic sports moments continue to come to life in Las Vegas, with no signs of slowing down. Wynn has maximized these city-wide events with complementary bespoke programming, which provide our guests with unique, one-of-a-kind moments only found at our resort. With more big events on the horizon, we have an opportunity to continue innovating our programming so that guests see Wynn and Las Vegas as a can’t-miss destination.”

Steve Weitman,President of Wynn and Encore Las Vegas
Top Cities for Sports Travel Summer 2024
New York City
Las Vegas
Planning Big
Whether they’re designed to commemorate a special event or checking a dream destination off a wish-list, big trips are on the rise. Why? Expedition-style adventures like a trip to the Galapagos Islands or trekking with the gorillas can be truly transformative—and the social-media content delivers.
of respondents are more interested in taking a big trip in 2024 than in previous years
of respondents would rather save money for a big trip than spend it on going out with friends
of Millennial and Gen-Z respondents want a travel agent or trusted advisor to help them book a big trip this year (compared to 52% of all respondents)

For some respondents, the big trip they have in mind is an immersive adventure, often somewhere totally remote. For others, it simply means a longer trip that’s full of new and diverse experiences—visiting multiple countries, for example. 63% of respondents who plan to visit more than one country on a single trip in 2024 plan to do so in Europe.

The transformative potential of these trips makes them worth the cost and planning. 66% of respondents agree that they are saving up for a big trip this year, and most respondents (54%) like to plan these trips 3-6 months in advance. For inspiration, travellers turn to friends or family (52%), social media (39%), and travel websites (37%).

At Seabourn, travel is back in full swing, and we’ve seen guests show a thirst for knowledge on our voyages, while enjoying the ultra-luxury, once-in-a-lifetime travel experience that we offer. Not only are travellers hungry for adventure and exploration, but they are engaged and show a desire to immerse in the culture of a region. These trips allow travellers to experience ancient, otherworldly, hard-to-reach landscapes, and stunning wildlife, and inspiring local cultures, illustrating how luxury expedition cruising allows travellers to explore remote destinations and create memories to last a lifetime.”

Steve Smotrys, Vice President, Sales & Trade Relations, Seabourn Cruise Line
Going Solo
Sometimes travelling alone is the way to go. For deep relaxation, developing a new interest, or meeting new people, solo trips can be hard to beat.
of Millennials and Gen-Z (compared to 69% of all respondents) say they are planning on taking a solo trip in 2024
of respondents planning on travelling solo are planning a trip centered around self-love and treating themselves
of respondents planning on travelling solo this year intend to take two or more solo trips

The most popular new travel companions are me, myself, and I. Solo trips are easier to schedule and tailor exactly to your liking, which makes them great for resetting after a busy week: 57% of respondents agreed that they were more likely to travel solo for a quick weekend getaway than for a longer or more expensive trip.

Either way, solo travellers are becoming an important subset. The two types of destinations where they’re most likely to be found? In a new city (29%) or relaxing at a beach or island (22%).

Solo travel is a wonderful way to unwind and discover a new hobby. Travelling alone also allows you to take ownership of selecting the perfect destination and gives you the ability to curate the ideal itinerary, catered just for you.”

Corinne Ng,Vice President and General Manager of Travel and Lifestyle Services, American Express Asia Pacific
On a Whim
With so much of life structured and scheduled these days, people are seeking flexibility in their travel plans and leaving room for spontaneity. This has increased the appeal of last-minute bookings, one-way tickets, and other choices that open the door to a sense of discovery.
of respondents say that spontaneous trips appeal to them
of respondents agree that they like to leave unplanned time in their trip to experience local culture/activities
of Millennials and Gen-Z have booked a last-minute trip before, compared to 65% of Gen-X and 52% of Baby Boomers

Although booking in advance can bring peace of mind and access to some of the most in-demand attractions, many travellers like to do at least some of their planning as they go: 44% of respondents said they prefer to take a spontaneous trip instead of having all the details planned.

Being open to serendipity and the unexpected is part of the excitement of travel; it allows you to act on tips from locals and discover out-of-the-way spots on your own. Granted, most travellers would rather improvise dining and shopping than, say, hotels. And they’re more likely to plan spontaneous travel this year with family (41%) or a significant other (35%) than alone (27%) or with friends (20%).

Travellers are looking to take spontaneous last-minute trips this year, prioritizing flexibility. For those wanting the ability to be spontaneous with their plans, our team of Travel Consultants can support with last minute, on-the-go travel requests.”

Lupita Cuesta,Senior Vice President Global Travel and Lifestyle Services, American Express

Where Travellers Like To Be Spontaneous

Where to shop
Excursions / activities
Exploring cities other than where I'm staying
Cultural immersion
Hotels or accommodations
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This poll was conducted between January 31 – February 8, 2024 among a sample of 2,005 US Adults, 1,007 Australia Adults, 1,002 Canada Adults, 1,002 UK Adults, 1,002 Japan Adults, 1,006 Mexico Adults and 1,005 India Adults who have at least a $50k+ income equivalent and typically travel at least once a year. The interviews were conducted online. Results from the full survey have a margin of error of plus or minus 2-4 percentage points. Some geographies may be weighted with fewer variables depending on local census data availability.

2Gen-Z and Millennials are defined as respondents as being born between 1981 - 2012.

3GenX are defined as respondents as being born between 1965 - 1980.

4Baby Boomers are defined as respondents as being born between 1946 - 1964.

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