Cashflow Management Solutions

Optimise your working capital and increase your companies’ cash flow with American Express.


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Supercharge your cashflow


Gives your business the power to grow. The American Express Cashflow Management solutions are flexible and innovative and improve the liquidity of your company.

How it works

For Suppliers

  • The supplier accepts American Express as payment method.

  • Invoice is issued directly to the corporate customer.

  • Supplier gets paid by American Express within 3 banking days after authorisation.

For Clients

  • Identify key, high-transaction suppliers.

  • Use American Express' payment method for purchases.

  • Make the payment to American Express within 28 days after the monthly statement date.

Features & Benefits


Helps to Optimise Working Capital

for Your Company

  • Increased Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) till 55 days.
  • Reduced need for external financing.
  • Bank independent solution.
  • Help strengthen ties with strategic suppliers.
  • An additional flexible payment tool.

Timely Payment for Suppliers


  • Help optimisation of working capital due to payment received 3 banking days following authorisation.
  • Reduction of receivables.
  • Risk management by American Express.