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Discover American Express Corporate Programme. We have the right solution for your business.

Corporate Cards for your Employees 


With the American Express payment solutions, we can help you grow your business, from large multinationals to smaller companies. Whether you are looking for a payment solution for all your business spend, a card programme for your employees travelling for business or a card for paying specific expenses, we have the right solution for your business. 


Corporate Green Card

American Express® Corporate Green Card

Flexible and safe payment method of all business expenses

American Express®

Corporate Green Card


Our Corporate Cards provide your employees with a flexible and safe payment method virtually everywhere in the world, while supporting cost control and helping to deliver savings.

Control over your finances and cashflow management


  • Insight and control over company expenses with extended management information
  • Easy access to data
  • Get up to 58 days to settle your payments1
  • Flexible methods for the settlement of expenses
  • Choice of liability types
  • Card membership annual fee is agreed with company

Best for employees to buy what they need 


  • Safe payment method for company employees worldwide
  • Corporate Cards can be used for a wide range of business expenses, such as flights, hotels, restaurants, office supplies, parking costs, etc. 
  • Travel insurance cover
  • Contactless payments
  • Security in the event of loss, theft or skimming of the card
  • Exceptional Customer Service 


1. Get up to 58 days to settle your payments: depending on when you make your purchase, when your invoice is issued and whether you have an outstanding amount from a previous invoice.

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