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The Membership Rewards program offers a breadth of rewards so you can use points however you prefer. Earn Membership Rewards points on most everyday purchases, then use points to shop online, for gift cards, travel rewards or even to cover recent Card charges.

Why you’ll love Membership Rewards points

Uncapped Earning Potential

With no caps, you can earn points on eligible spend

No Expiry

Continue to earn and accumulate points every year1


Redeem for almost anything on points

How to Redeem Membership Rewards points

Use Points to Travel

Transfer Membership Rewards points to a wide range of Airline Rewards and Frequent Guest Partner Programs.

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Use Points for Charges

Membership Rewards gives you the freedom to use points to cover almost anything you’ve purchased on your Card.


Redeem and get a credit on your Account within 72 hours.

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Dine with Points

Use Membership Rewards points to pay for transactions at over 100 leading New Zealand restaurants who are part of the Dining Collection, and they’ll be worth 50% more.

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Redeem for Gift Cards

Redeem Membership Rewards points for Gift Cards from leading brands and retailers across fashion, dining, entertainment and movies, wellness, health services and more. 

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Shop with Points

Use Membership Rewards points to purchase products at Harvey Norman online. You can use a mix of points and your American Express Card.

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How to Earn Points


Explore the different ways to earn Membership Rewards points

Use your Card for everyday purchases like petrol, grocery shopping and eating out

Add Additional Cards for your family and friends to earn points on their spend

Check Amex Offers for Bonus Points offers

Ready to Start Earning Points


Explore our lineup of American Express Membership Rewards Cards


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Earn rewards after you apply and are approved for an eligible American Express® Card. You can earn additional Membership Rewards points for just spending on certain categories, depending on your Card. Terms and Conditions apply.

Membership Rewards FAQs

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Membership Rewards Terms and Conditions

View full terms and conditions below.


Membership Rewards Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions for the Membership Rewards program apply.


  1. There is no expiry date for points earned while in the program so long as you are a Card Member, you are enrolled in the program and all your accounts with us are kept in good standing and are not overdue.