Your Next Pavlova on Your
American Express® Card

Moving to New Zealand


The easiest way to retain your existing Card Membership status in New Zealand is to apply for a new Card online. Please ensure you provide your existing Account number when you apply, in addition to the other information listed below.


  • Select your preferred new Card from our All Cards page.
  • Click to apply online.
  • Complete the application with your existing Account number, your new New Zealand home address and New Zealand phone number.

Please note:


  • Documents and other information may be requested for the purposes of assessing your credit application and verifying your ID and address.
  • If you have a New Zealand credit file, it will be taken into account when processing your application. American Express reserves the right to decline applicants who do not satisfy credit approval and income criteria.
  • The process takes 2-3 weeks provided we receive all necessary information and documents to assess your application.
  • If your new Card is part of the Membership Rewards program, your existing Membership Rewards® points can be transferred by contacting the number on your existing Card. Otherwise, please redeem your points before you cancel that Card.
  • You will need to pay your existing Card balance as it cannot be transferred to any new Card approved in New Zealand. You will continue to receive billing statements until the balance is paid in full.
  • If you wish to cancel your existing Card please call the number on that Card.
  • If you wish to keep your existing Card, you will continue to be billed any annual fees you are currently paying.
  • To be eligible for processing, to American Express Card Members, your existing Consumer Card (including Small Business Cards, where applicable) must be issued by American Express. You must be the Basic Card Member, and have held the Card for at least 3 months. Your Card Account must be current and in good standing at the time of application. Or if the Card was previously cancelled by you, it must have been cancelled within the preceding 3 months prior to the application. Corporate Card Members and Global Network Card Members (whose Cards were issued by Banks other than an American Express Bank) are not eligible through this Card application process.

Must haves for a New Zealand move:


  • Your American Express Account number
  • New Zealand home address
  • New Zealand phone number