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Corporate Card Application Forms

Employees and Program Administrators of existing accounts can use the forms below to apply for new Corporate Cards.

If your company does not have an existing Corporate Card account with us and you would like to establish a new Corporate Card account, please call (02) 2547-3663.

Please be sure to check with your Program Administrator which liability application you should use before downloading.

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Be prudent in managing your finances and maintain good credit.

Overseas Express Cash: A service fee amounting to 1% of the cash withdrawal or NT$50, whichever is higher, will apply.

For more enquiries on other fees, please contact us at (02) 2547-3663.

Except for benefits or services that American Express has disclosed the applicable period and conditions to Cardmember, American Express

may adjust the terms and conditions of card benefits or services on a quarterly basis and notify Cardmembers in accordance with Cardmember Agreement.

Please refer to the Cardmember brochure or American Express website for full details and terms and conditions governing Cardmember benefits and services.