American Express


Buyer Initiated Payments


Automated push payments to suppliers can help improve

control over the payment process.


Extend Payment Terms with Your Suppliers


BIP is an electronic payment method that can allow you to leverage your American Express

billing cycle to extend payment terms with your suppliers.1

How BIP Can Improve Cash Flow Management and

Streamline Your Payment Process

How It Works


Order Goods and Services As Usual


Follow your existing order, approval and invoice processes to order and receive goods and services from suppliers.


Initiate Payments to Suppliers


After an invoice is approved, submit the electronic payment instructions file to American Express to initiate payment. We will pay your suppliers directly and notify you when the payments are processed.


Pay a Consolidated American Express Statement


Track payments and receive a single consolidated statement from American Express at the end of your billing cycle.

Features & Benefits


Improve Working Capital Flexibility


BIP enables your organization to extend Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) by 14 days while managing Days Cash on Hand (DCOH).1


1.The number of days by which your DPO is extended will vary depending on: (i) when during your American Express Card billing cycle you charge a transaction to a supplier; (ii) the date the transaction is posted to your account; and (iii) the date you pay the amount due on your American Express billing statement.

Increase Payment Efficiencies

Increase Payment Efficiencies


Help drive efficiency and savings by reducing paper checks and transitioning to electronic payments.

Supplier Enablement

Support Supplier Enablement


Our Supplier Enablement Team will work one-on-one with suppliers and help participating suppliers accept BIP.

Increase control

Increase control


Automated push payments to suppliers can help improve control over the payment process.

BIP in Action

With American Express Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP), USPI streamlined its relationships with vendors while reducing costs and inefficiencies associated with manual check production.

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