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What Credit Means Today

Ideas to help you get a better sense of your financial picture.

How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Identity theft happens more than you may realize. Know what identity theft is, how it works, and help protect yourself from it with these guidelines.

8 Ways Credit Cards Can Help You Rebuild Your Credit

Credit cards can help you build your credit, but can also lower your score if not used responsibly. Learn how you can rebuild your credit, starting today.

How to Increase Your Credit Limit

Learn how you can increase your credit limit and boost your credit score. Explore the different pros and cons of credit limit increases.

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7 Best Ways to Help Build Your Credit


Learn about the credit-building benefits of reviewing and "cleaning" errors on your credit report, managing credit utilization, and removing late payments.

Credit Score Simulator from MyCredit Guide: How It Works


The MyCredit Guide score simulator allows you to see how increasing your credit limits, paying down your debt, or opening a new account can change your credit score.

How, Where, and Why to Check Your Credit Score


Use American Express' MyCredit Guide to get a free credit score check and a free credit report so you can keep your credit in great health.

What is Credit Monitoring and is it Effective?


Monitoring your credit can prevent fraud and identity theft. Free credit monitoring services like MyCredit Guide can foil thieves and help keep your credit score healthy.

Your credit report might be used in a variety of situations, from getting a credit card to buying a house - or even applying for a job. 

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