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How to Use Your American Express Card with Venmo and PayPal

Amex has teamed up with Venmo and PayPal to enhance the way you send money and split purchases with friends and family. Here’s how it works.

By Michael Grace | American Express Credit Intel Freelance Contributor

4 Min Read | June 9, 2022 in Money



Send: Amex Card Members can send money to any other Venmo or PayPal user with the flexibility of American Express. There’s no standard credit card fee and you can do it right from the Amex app. 

Split: Card Members can also split purchases and get paid back directly to their Card as a statement credit, and they’ll be the ones to earn the rewards for the purchases.

Whether you’re paying back a friend for a group gift or splitting the bill for a big dinner, settling up is a whole lot easier: American Express Card Members can link their Venmo and/or PayPal accounts and then send money, split purchases, and track it all, right in the American Express App. 


Can I Send Money Using My American Express Card?

Yes! Eligible Card Members can use the American Express App to send money to any Venmo or PayPal user. First, you’ll need to enroll in Send & Split®, which can be found in the “Account” tab of the Amex App. You can then add money from your American Express Card to your “Amex Send® Account” and then send that money to Venmo or PayPal users of your choosing. Any balance loaded to your Send Account appears as a charge on your Credit Card and is subject to the APR of other purchases on your billing statement – in other words, it’s not treated as a cash advance, and you won’t have to pay cash advance fees.

And more good news – you won’t incur the standard credit card fees charged by Venmo or PayPal. Considering that fees are generally 3%, that can add up to notable savings – especially if you’re often paying back friends and family for dinner, drinks, or other purchases. PayPal may charge for transactions outside the United States, however.

Note that there are limits to the amount you can put on your Send Account. Most American Express Card Members can add up to $2,000, whereas those with The Platinum Card® may add as much as $4,000, and those with The Centurion® Card can add up to $5,000. However, it’s important to remember that you won’t earn rewards when adding money to your Send Account.


Split the Check and Get Paid Back as a Statement Credit

Card Members can also seamlessly split their Amex Card purchases with other Venmo and PayPal users. When those users pay you back, you can choose to get paid back directly to your Card Account as a statement credit, or to your linked Venmo or PayPal account. The best part? You’ll get all the rewards you’d typically earn for the purchase – regardless of whether you earn Membership Rewards® Points, miles, hotel points, or cash back.

For example, imagine you and nine of your co-workers go out to lunch. You put the $200 expense on your personal Credit Card and then use the Amex App to split up the amount and send out requests via Venmo and PayPal. Split evenly, you end up paying only $20 after everyone pays you back, and the funds seamlessly go back to your card account. Better yet, this feature can be even more useful when splitting uneven amounts. If one of your co-workers only gets a drink, for instance, Amex divvies up the amounts and you can easily adjust so everyone pays just what they owe. And in either scenario, you still receive all the eligible rewards for the purchase.

Just remember: You’re responsible for the full purchase amount whether payment requests are accepted or declined, and American Express is not responsible for ensuring that money is paid back.


How to Send Money and Split Purchases with the American Express App

It’s easy to get started:

  1. Download the Amex App on your smart device.
  2. Log in and tap the “Account” tab.
  3. Enroll in “Send & Split®.
  4. Link your Venmo and/or PayPal accounts.

To send money: Once you’ve enrolled in Send & Split and your Send Account is set up, go to the “Account” tab in the App and select “Send & Split.” Within the “Send” tab, tap “Send Money.” Enter the person you want to send money to, either manually or from your device’s contact list, and enter the amount of money you want to send. Tap to review and then complete the transaction. If you don’t have enough funds in your Amex Send Account, you’ll be prompted to instantly add money from one of your American Express Cards. You can also send money in the Venmo or PayPal app by selecting your “Amex Send Account” as your payment method.

Once sent, the recipient should receive the money in their Venmo or PayPal account right away.

To split purchases: Using the App, tap on any pending or posted charge and tap “Split It.” Then select up to 20 contacts to receive a payment request, entered manually or from your contacts. The App automatically divides the charge evenly, but you can adjust amounts manually as needed. Venmo and PayPal then send out requests for payments. You can choose to have that money applied as a statement credit or deposited into your Venmo or PayPal account. Amex does all the math and keeps track of who has and hasn’t paid you back yet, but you are still responsible for the full purchase.


The Takeaway

Send & Split enhances the way you send money and split purchases with other Venmo and PayPal users, all in the American Express App. This feature makes it easy to settle up with friends and family for meals, trips, or whatever the shared expense may be – thanks to the flexibility offered by American Express.

Michael Grace

Michael Grace is a personal finance and technology freelance writer based in New York.


All Credit Intel content is written by freelance authors and commissioned and paid for by American Express. 

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