Plan It® by American Express

Available on

and the Fly Delta app


Pay for your Delta flight in monthly installments when you use your eligible American Express Card.

Book now, pay later when you use Plan It while booking a flight on and the Fly Delta app. Just select your eligible American Express Card at checkout to split up your Delta flight of $100 or more into monthly installments with a fixed fee.

You'll still earn rewards the way you usually do on purchases you plan. Terms Apply.


To pay for your Delta flight with Plan It,

just follow these 3 easy steps:



1. Use Plan It at Checkout


When paying for your flight, choose your

American Express Card and simply select ‘Monthly Installments with Plan It’ in the payment section.


2. Choose Your Monthly Plan 


Choose the plan length that works for you from

one of the available options and see upfront exactly

how much you'll pay each month.


3. Make Monthly Payments


Your monthly Plan It payment will be

added to the Minimum Payment Due on

your American Express Card Statement.

Track the progress of your plan through

your American Express account.

Head to and search for a flight to get started.

Have a question?

Need Assistance? Give us a call using the number on the back of your Card.

Terms and Conditions

Monthly Installments with Plan It® by American Express


Delta flight purchases that are $100 or more may be eligible for Plan It at checkout on Plan It is not available at checkout after initial flight purchase for other purchases or upgrades such as post purchase seat upgrades. Plan It cannot be used at checkout for Delta Vacations® packages and Delta Sky Club® memberships. Plan It can be combined with Miles redemption at checkout only if the remaining balance of your purchase after Miles redemption is $100 or more. If you check out using Plan It, your purchase with Delta Air Lines will be automatically placed into a payment plan, subject to a plan fee. The plan fee is a fixed finance charge that will be charged each month that the corresponding plan is active. Your plan will typically be set up on your Account within 48 hours of the purchase but may take up to 5 days. If the merchant submits your purchase as multiple separate amounts you will have multiple plans created on your Account. 


At checkout, you will be offered 1–3 plan duration options. The plan duration options can vary based on a variety of factors such as the purchase amount, your Account history, and your creditworthiness. If you are enrolled in an intro or promotional APR, you may see limited plan duration options during the intro or promotional period when you use Plan It on your Account. If you create a plan during an introductory or promotional APR period, your plan fee will be based on the introductory or promotional APR as long as the plan is created before 11:59pm MST on the last day of the introductory or promotional period. After a plan is paid in full, it will be removed from your Account in the next billing period. 


Your ability to use Plan It at checkout will be based on a variety of factors such as your creditworthiness, and your Credit Limit or Pay Over Time Limit, as applicable. The Pay Over Time Limit applies to the total of your Pay Over Time, Cash Advance, and Plan balances. We may not be able to create a plan if it would cause you to exceed your Pay Over Time Limit or cause your Plan balance to exceed 95% of your Account Total New Balance on your last billing statement. We will not be able to create plans if at the time the plan is requested or at the time the plan is set up on your Account, your Pay Over Time feature is suspended or your Account is canceled. We will also not be able to create plans if, at the time the plan is requested or at the time the plan is set up on your Account, one or more of your American Express Accounts is enrolled in a payment program, has a payment that is returned unpaid, or is past due. 


Plan It is available on Card Accounts issued by a U.S. banking subsidiary of American Express, excluding Accounts that do not have either a Credit Limit or the Pay Over Time feature. Only the Basic Card Member or Authorized Account Managers on the Account can create a plan. Prepaid Cards and products, American Express Corporate Cards, American Express Small Business Cards and American Express-branded Cards or Account numbers issued by other financial institutions are not eligible. 


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