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American Express® Green Card  

The American Express® Green Card of International Dollar Card is designed specifically 
for customers who reside in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Switerzland*. 


Among the exclusive benefits that come with being a Cardmember,
you’ll also enjoy the prestige, confidentiality and support that only American Express can deliver. And it all comes with the added convenience of being a product issued in U.S. Dollars.



            *Excluding Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands 





Annual Fee
The annual membership fee for The American Express Green Card is US $1501





Minimum requirement an average of  US$50,000 in assets in a US bank account and be a Non US resident*

Membership Rewards® Program

Membership Rewards® is one of the world’s most recognized rewards program where you can receive one point for every elegible dollar you spend. You have to be enrolled into the program*.




Get one point for every dollar you spend on purchases and paying your bills, then use points to get great rewards. It’s as simple as using your Card. Treat yourself to the things you love—a great vacation, a wonderful meal, or even to get a statement credit. It’s the fun side of Cardmembership.


Enroll in the program and enjoy exclusive benefits: Points have no expiration date and there is no limit to how many you can earn.



*There is a US$40 annual fee for participation in the program for The American Express® Green Card.



Travel with Points


Transfer points to travel, hotel and retail loyalty programs.



Statement Credit


Use Membership Rewards points for a credit on your Account. 



Use Membership Rewards points for electronic US gift cards to use when you travel to the US.


Pay with points at over 1,000 online retailers including Ticketmaster and Amazon, among others.


American Express® Green Card Travel Protection

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The descriptions of the insurance related benefits available on your American Express® Green Card are for information purposes. All the provisions of the coverage are contained in the Certificates of Insurance. All insurance coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of the respective master policies. A Certificate of Insurance with full details of the coverage can be located on this page 

24/7 Customer Service

From USA: 1-800-327-1267 Toll Free International: 5255-5326-2660 (please call collect)



American Express is here to help you around the clock, with the extraordinary Customer Service that keeps Cardmembers loyal for a lifetime. For immediate service, just call us.


IDC Green Card




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The American Express® Green Card benefits.
That's why we want to make sure you can share the exciting perks afforded to you by The American Express® Green Card with your family and friends.


 Contact Customer Service to add an Additional Card1

1-800 327-1267 Toll-free within the U.S or

at 5255-5326-2660 Collect call from Outside U.S. 




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