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How to Get a Hotel Room Upgrade? 


Imagine getting an upgrade to a room which has the best view, better facilities and is a bit bigger than the standard room that you booked. Here are some tips on how to get a hotel room upgrade. 


Tips on How to Get a Hotel Room Upgrade


Although getting a room upgrade isn’t guaranteed, sometimes all you have to do is ask. Planning and using the right credit card can improve your chances of getting a hotel room upgraded. Here are some tips for landing you the desired hotel room upgrade. 



1. Register for the hotel’s loyalty program


Hotels love their loyal customers, and they have exclusive rewards for them. You can enrol into a hotel’s loyalty program and enjoy benefits and privileges, which can make your stay more rewarding. Premium Cards like the American Express® Platinum Card gives you complimentary access to higher tiers of hotel loyalty programs.


2. Book using your Credit Card


In addition to loyalty programs, you can get complimentary access to luxury hotel programs using your travel rewards and premium cards. The American Express Platinum Cardmembers are eligible for an upgrade (subject to availability) across luxury hotels and resorts worldwide. It is a good idea to find out more about the offers your Credit Card holds and use it to make the booking. 


3. Book directly through hotel website 


Even though booking hotels online through a third party might seem more cost-effective, it can hinder your chances of getting an upgrade. You may not have access to many member benefits like the hotel’s reward points. These points add up with each stay and earn you complimentary stay or an upgrade. 


4. Just ask 


The front desk has information such as which rooms are most spacious, which have the best view or, which are the least noisy. You can consider asking the concierge politely for any available upgrades while checking in. You can also send an email to the hotel reservation desk ahead of your travel, asking them for an upgrade. More often than not, hotels oblige you when you ask.



5. Be specific in your requirements 


Every time you book a hotel online, you have the option of making special requests for your stay. Filling in this information can increase your chances of getting an upgrade. Write something specific such as ‘room with a good view’ or ‘room with bigger space.’ Some hotels are willing to go the extra mile to honour your requirements. 


6. Mention the occasion


If it’s your special day such as a birthday or anniversary, make sure to let the front desk know as hotels want to keep you happy. There are high chances of the staff offering you a complimentary upgrade on your room to help you celebrate the occasion. Even if they are unable to do so, they might surprise you by providing some additional perks in your room like drinks or flowers to enhance your overall experience. 


7. Choose a recently opened hotel 


Check into a newly opened hotel next time as they are more likely to give you an upgrade. They have more vacant rooms and want to impress the customers with their amenities and boost their reviews.

What to do if there is no upgrade available?


Getting an upgrade on hotel rooms isn’t always a sure thing, and you may find yourself without one at times. 


You can secure a confirmed upgrade by paying for it. If the desired room type is available, then you can upgrade by paying the difference in cost. 

Why do Hotels provide Upgrades?


While you may feel lucky when you get an upgrade, it is normal to be intrigued as to why a hotel would upgrade your room without any additional cost most of the time. Hotels do it for various reasons:


  • They want to upgrade their loyal guests. Hotel loyalty programs give a certain number of upgrades in a year to its customers enrolled in the hotel’s loyalty program. However, they do it only if they have rooms to spare.

  • Like airlines, hotels also overbook their rooms sometimes. If there are no cancellations, then they have no choice but to upgrade you to whatever room is available. 

  • Sometimes  hotels, especially luxury hotels, go to great lengths to ensure that their guests have a comfortable stay. They even empower their staff so that they can make decisions to make the guests stay as comfortable as possible.

  • Hotels can extend special discounts and upgrades to a particular company or travel booking site because of the business they bring. 

American Express Cards That Offer Hotel Upgrades


Your Credit Card can open doors to exclusive discounts, privileges, and hotel upgrades. The American Express Platinum Card and American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card offer you room upgrades whenever available, across member hotels globally. 


American Express Platinum Card 

  • As an Amex Platinum cardholder, you get to enjoy competitive rates and complimentary benefits across 1000+ Fine Hotels & Resorts and 600+ Hotel Collection across the world when you make reservations through Platinum Travel Service or American Express Travel Online. You will not only get an upgrade on arrival, subject to its availability, but also get $100 worth of complimentary amenities.  
  • You are also fast-tracked to top tiers of loyalty programs of premium hotels such as Hilton and Radisson across the world without fulfilling their qualifying criteria for those tiers. Top tier loyalty membership helps you enjoy upgrades and earn reward nights besides other complimentary benefits. 

American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card


Hotel upgrades can be delightful and you can better your odds of getting an upgraded room by carrying the right Card.