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Credit Know-How: Learn all about your Credit! 


Managing your credit requires a sound understanding of how it works. Getting to know everything about your Credit or Charge card is the first step towards sound financial health.


Our Credit Know-How section provides all the information and advice you would require in making an informed decision while applying for a Card of your choice. 


Getting your Card


Applying for an American Express® Card is easy and we quickly respond to your application. We offer you a gamut of Credit and Charge Cards. Determining which Card best suits your needs is the first step towards getting your Card.


Learn about how to apply for a credit card.


Credit Cards vs. Charge Cards


The terms "Credit Card" and "Charge Card" are often used interchangeably, but there are critical differences between them that should be understood and Do compare the Cards before choosing the right one
for you. 


To know more about the difference between the two card types, click here.


Fees and charges


Your Credit Card comes with a fee that varies with Card type. Also, there are some additional charges and interest rates associated with your Card. Learn how you can avoid paying any additional charges and use
your Card optimally.


Know more about various charges and fees, here.


Choosing Card Type 


Choose your card looking at your spending habits- Travel, Shopping or a luxurious lifestyle. The best credit cards are the ones that suit your needs. 


All American Express Card Types are listed here.


Interest Rates


Learn about APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and how interest gets calculated in your Credit Card monthly statement. Knowing this can help you choose the right Card, keeping in view your spending pattern and
payment history.  


All you need to know about Interest Rate is here


Credit Card Limits


Your Credit Card comes with a limit on the amount you can spend. Understand the significance of your Card's limit and what you can do to enhance your Credit Card limit.  


Interested in increasing your limit? Learn more about it here.

Credit and Charge Cards Explained


Has talk of interest, annual fees, rates and percentages left you feeling confused?

Our simple Credit and Charge Card explained guides are a great place to start.


What is Card Interest

How Credit Cards and Charge Cards work


What is Credit Limit


Earning Loyalty Points


Earn Air Miles


What is a Charge Card


What Card fees am I expected to pay


How to choose a type of Card




American Express Rewards® Points


American Express cards let you earn easy Rewards points for every spend you make. Choose from a vast range of retailers and partners to earn the perfect reward for yourself.


Earn 10X and 5X Reward® Points


You can earn 10X Membership Rewards® Points on all your spending on Flipkart and Uber and earn 5X Membership Rewards Points on Amazon, Swiggy, BookMyShow, and more. Find out more about the exclusive deals American Express SmartEarn Credit Card has to offer. 


Know more about SmartEarn Credit Card and its benefits, here

What do you want from a Card?

Everyone’s different, so you need a Card that has benefits that best suit your lifestyle.
Choose the Card with benefits that best suit you.

American Express® Platinum Card


Enjoy premium benefits and service

American Express Platinum ReserveSM Credit Card

Exclusive travel and lifestyle benefits

American Express Membership Rewards® Card

More value for your spends with bonus points

American Express Smart Earn™ Credit Card


Maximize reward points on everyday spends

American Express® Platinum Travel Card

Enjoy travel rewards


American Express® Gold Card

Access to an exclusive Gold Collection

Want to learn more about Credit Cards?

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Understand fees

Everything you should know about Credit Card fees

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Applying for a Card

Everything you need to know about making an application

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Interest explained

See how we calculate your monthly interest rates