Credit Card benefits 



Need a little help for a big purchase? Or just a safe and easy way to make every-day transactions? A Credit Card offers a convenient way to make worldwide purchases without cash; extending a line of credit that you pay back later.




Advantages of having a Credit Card


Increased buying power and purchase protection are just a couple of the Credit Card advantages available to Cardholders. Whether you’re eyeing up a big buy or looking to build your credit score, discover how a Credit Card could enhance your financial flexibility.


Boost your purchasing power


With a Credit Card, you’re not limited to the amount in your savings account. When used responsibly, Credit Cards can increase your spending power, allowing you to cover big-ticket items when you need them; paying back the balance over time in more manageable instalments



Use EMI with your Credit Card


You have the option of paying your bill in easy equated monthly instalments (EMI) with a Credit Card. You can convert purchases of Rs 5,000 and above into EMI at the point of sale or post-transaction with low interest rates, no paperwork, and no foreclosure charges. Read more on EMI here.



Earn Credit Card rewards


Owning a Credit Card could also earn you rewards every time you shop. Pay with your American Express Card to earn Membership Rewards points that can be spent on retail and travel treats as well as other special experiences.



Get Credit Card travel benefits


Love to travel? You can use Membership Rewards points on a range of travel benefits, such as hotel stays and air miles. our Platinum Credit Card offers additional luxuries like complimentary airport lounge access and top hotel discounts; all designed to make your next adventure even more memorable.


American Express Cards can be used around the world – they’re the ultimate travel companion.



Use a Credit Card to build credit


As proof of how you manage your credit, when used well, Credit Cards could help you build your credit and credit score. Using your Card regularly and making all repayments on time demonstrates financial responsibility to lenders, helping you build your credit rating. And this, in turn, makes it easier for you to secure future loans.



Feel secure with Credit Card protection


Our security systems allow you to use your Card with confidence. From account monitoring to online safety protection and fraud alerts, you're in safe hands with American Express.