Credit Cards 

To go places, reward yourself, or get on top of your finances, there’s an American Express Credit Card made for you.

What is a Credit Card?

A Credit Card gives you a convenient way to pay for purchases now, by giving you a line of credit that you can pay back later. If you pay your balance in full by the due date, you won’t be charged any interest on the amount you owe. American Express Credit Cards also come with a range of rewards and benefits that you can explore here.

Choose from our range of Personal

Credit Cards​ in New Zealand


Find a Card with benefits that suit your lifestyle. Whether you want to earn Membership Rewards points or Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars; Gold Rewards or a $0 annual fee, American Express offers you a range of options.

Credit Cards​





American Express Rewards
Credit Cards


Be rewarded for your spending with Membership Rewards points.


Earn points every time you use your Card, to redeem for experiences, travel, gift cards and much more.






American Express Airpoints Credit Cards


Earn Air New Zealand Airpoints DollarsTM in the air and on the ground.


With American Express Airpoints Credit Cards, each dollar you spend could earn you Airpoints DollarsTM. We have the fastest Airpoints Dollar earning Platinum Credit Card.





No Annual Fee Credit Card


The fastest earning AirpointsTM Credit Card with $0 annual Card fee.


Enjoy convenience and value, plus earn Air New Zealand Airpoints DollarsTM on your purchases.

American Express Benefits & Rewards


American Express rewards you in so many ways. Here are just some of the benefits you can enjoy as an American Express Card Member.

Rewards Points

Our Rewards Cards make it easy to earn points, and to use them the way you like. It could be for travel, shopping, gift cards, or even to pay for eligible purchases on your Card. The more you use your Card, the more Membership Rewards points you can earn.

Amex Offers

These are just one of the many perks of being a Card Member. Earn bonus points or get money back as a credit on your Account with regular offers across shopping, dining, travel and entertainment. To explore current offers, log in to your Online Account or the Amex App*.

*To use the App, you must be registered for online Services. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android and Google Pay are trademarks of Google Inc.

Travel with Points

Travel near or far and use points to pay for your trip. As a Card Member you can use Membership Rewards points to book hotels, flights, and car hire with American Express Travel Online. Plus enjoy exclusive benefits and selected offers.

How to pick the right Credit Card​ for you

Check the credit limit



A Credit Card limit is set when your application is approved. This is the maximum amount of credit available to you when using your Card. Knowing your credit limit, keeping track of your transactions and making regular payments can help you keep within this.







Check the Credit Card fees



The fees you pay will depend on the type of card you have and how you use it. Some of our cards charge an annual fee in return for richer rewards, features and benefits. This fee is charged in your first month of membership, and then annually in this anniversary month. The types of rewards you can earn and benefits you receive varies from Card to Card.


Research Credit Card fees, including transaction fees and potential surcharges, before you apply.


Check the Credit Card interest rates


When you use a Credit Card, you are borrowing money – and will be charged interest unless you repay the full closing balance within the specified period. Learn about how interest is calculated to help you choose the right card for you.








How to apply for a Credit Card​

Follow these three simple steps to apply for a new Card:



Determine what kind of Credit Card suits you

The right Credit Card will offer services, rewards and benefits that suit your lifestyle and finances, so investigate your options before you apply. ​ ​


Explore our range of American Express Cards.​



Check to see if you qualify for the Credit Card you have chosen

Each Credit Card has slightly different terms and conditions and eligibility criteria. Once you’ve chosen the Credit Card that best suits your needs, check if you’re eligible before you click the ‘Apply’ button.



Fill the Credit Card application online

To complete the online application for an American Express Credit Card, you’ll need your New Zealand driver’s licence (if you have one), and the following information:


  • Personal details, including your current address.
  • A current email address and a mobile or landline number.
  • Financial details, including your annual income, household income (if married/de facto), monthly living expenses, employment details, superannuation (if retired), or other sources of income.
  • Details of any other credit cards and loans you have and their balances. With the above information to hand, our online application should take you less than ten minutes to complete. 

Once you’ve submitted your online Credit Card Application, we aim to respond within 5 to 10 working days.

Global Card support

Amex support is there for you with help, wherever you are in the world, for whatever you need and whenever you need it. You can call our Customer Service Centre anytime, day or night. Just call the number on the back of your Card.