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Business Credit Cards for Startups

American Express® Business Credit Cards come with rewards programmes and features designed to meet your small business needs. 

Challenges that startups may face

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Limited Budget


During the initial phases, many startups have a limited budget available to fund their growth. 

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No Business Credit


Having zero or limited business credit means that you can face more difficulties getting loans, favourable interest rates, and other benefits.

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Need to manage cash flow


Cash flow, or the money flowing in and out of a business, can be difficult for startups to manage.

Business Card Benefits for Startups


  • Build business credit: Build a strong credit history for your business by paying your balance on time and managing cash flow. 
  • Save money: Startups can save money with business credit cards by earning extra points for spending and taking advantage of perks, such as merchant and travel discounts.
  • Separate business and personal finances: Business cards allow you to consolidate all business spending into one account to make managing your expenses easier.

buying power


Business Credit Cards can help your startup gain buying power so it can expand and thrive.

Earn and redeem


Earn Rewards® points from your spending and redeem them for travel, statement credits to reinvest in your business, and more.

cash flow


With an extended payment period of up to 56 days, you can gain control over your cash flow and have more flexibility by keeping money in your Account longer.



To learn more, explore our range of Business Cards.

American Express Business Cards

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Business Cards worth the annual fee?

Business Credit Cards can benefit your startup by helping you earn rewards, building business credit, and optimizing cash flow management. A Business Card may be worth the annual fee if the features and perks can meet your specific needs and grow your business. If you want to benefit from a Business Card without an annual fee, learn more about our Business Basic Card. 

Will a Business Credit Card affect my credit score?

A Business Credit Card can have a positive impact on your credit score if you pay your balance on time each billing period, and applying for a Business Credit Card will have little effect on your business credit score.

Can I apply for a Business Credit Card online?

Yes, you can apply for a Business Credit Card online. Click here to compare American Express Business Cards and apply for the Card that is the best fit for your startup or small business.

What credit score do I need to qualify for a Business Credit Card?

Many Business Credit Cards with premium features and rewards programmes require you to have a good personal credit score. Your business can still qualify for a Business Credit Card if your credit score is lower, but you may be faced with higher interest rates.

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