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Who accepts American Express?

Who accepts American Express?

It’s not just big businesses that accept American Express Cards. Read more about American Express merchants network here.

Where is American Express Accepted in the UK?

More Merchants in the UK are choosing to accept American Express. You can use your American Express® Card for purchases big and small, including the places you love to shop at every day.

We are continuing to grow our network throughout the UK, ensuring when you want to use your Card, you can.


Using an American Express Card

Accepted here, here and here

Your American Express Card is welcomed all over town. You’re good to go:

  • At major supermarkets and petrol stations

  • For all kinds of entertainment and eating out

  • With high street names and local gems.

We’re always looking to improve our coverage. Explore our Credit Cards

Where can I use my Amex Card?

American Express Cards are warmly accepted at thousands of Merchants across the UK, whether you’re doing your weekly grocery shop, filling up your car, shopping at your favourite local dress shop, or booking that long awaited holiday.

We want you to have the freedom to use your American Express Card wherever you shop, so if your Card was not warmly accepted when making a purchase, please tell us about it.

Why use it everywhere?

Using your American Express Card more often at more places means taking advantage of all the benefits of being an American Express Cardmember. Everywhere you go, you have the reassurance of Card protection with eligible Cards and the world-class service that we offer.

Cardmembers enrolled in one of our reward programmes such as Membership Rewards or British Airways Avios can also earn points with every purchase. Find out where your Membership Rewards® points can take you.


Merchant, do you want to accept American Express?

Discover the benefits of accepting American Express Cards and open up to a world of new customers.

You will also gain access to world-class service and support that American Express can offer to help you grow your business.
Learn more


Credit and Charge Cards Explained

Has talk of interest, annual fees, rates and percentages left you feeling confused?

Our simple Credit and Charge Card guides are a great place to start.

How Credit Cards and Charge Cards work

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Using your Card Abroad

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American Express Benefits


Your security and protection are our priority. Our technology has been designed to give you peace of mind when using your card

Learn More about Fraud Protection


Access to our customer service is available 24/7 by phone, text or email.

Learn More about Customer Service


Contactless is the quick, easy and secure way to make payments - Simply touch your American Express Card on the reader, wait for the beep and you're done. What's more, with Amex pay and Apple PayTM you can even pay with your phone.

Learn more about Contactless Payments

Explore Our Credit Cards

American Express Offers a range of Credit Cards with different rewards and benefits tailored to your lifestyle and interests.

5% cashback will be payable to you by us on all your purchases made in the first three months up to £125. Introductory offers are not available if you currently hold or have held any other Platinum Cashback American Express Cards in the past six months. Any cashback from introductory offers will be credited to your Account in your card anniversary month. Your Card anniversary month is the one month period each year following the date on which your Account was opened. Cashback is not earned on Balance Transfers, Cash Advances, American Express Travellers' Cheques, Foreign Exchange transactions, interest, any spending in excess of your credit limit, charges for returned payments, late payment or referral charges and American Express Credit Card finance charges. You will earn cashback at the rate of 0.5% cashback at warehouse retailers in the United Kingdom. You can find out which retailers we treat as warehouse retailers by checking the FAQ section of our website (

Terms and Conditions apply. Please see the Insurance Terms and Conditions for full details. Please read this to understand the limits and exclusions that may apply.