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Your Currency Choices

American Express® FX International Payments allows you to make overseas payments in over 80 currencies as well as U.S. Dollars. When sending money overseas, you have two options:

  • 1 Foreign Currency Wire
    Lock in an exchange rate that will apply to your currency wire.

  • 2 U.S. Dollar Wire
    FX International Payments sends U.S. Dollars to your beneficiary’s foreign bank account.

Knowing Your Beneficiary

Does your beneficiary have a U.S. Dollar bank account or a foreign currency bank account? It can make a difference, so make sure to talk to your beneficiary before you decide which currency you send.

  • For example, if you send U.S. Dollars to a beneficiary’s Euro-denominated bank account, that payment might be converted from U.S. Dollars into Euros at a rate that you won’t know in advance.
  • Additionally, if the currency sent does not match the currency of the receiving account, there could be delays or extra fees associated with the transaction.
  • Some beneficiaries may prefer to receive U.S. Dollars at their foreign currency bank account.
TIP:Your options may vary, depending on whether your foreign beneficiary is invoicing you in U.S. Dollars or foreign currency. Asking for invoices in both currencies may help you to weigh your payment options.

Enjoy a More Rewarding FX Experience

  • Access Live FX Rates FX International Payments provides users with a secure online transaction platform to view and purchase currency at a live FX rate.

  • Make Payments in Over 80 Currencies Go to the platform.

  • Get Rewarded You could receive one Membership Rewards® point for every 30 USD your business spends on foreign currency wire transactions.

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