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Foreign Exchange Rate Alerts

With American Express® FX International Payments, you don’t need to spend time tracking movements in the foreign exchange rate market. Using Rate Alerts, you can create customized SMS or e-mail notifications that let you know when American Express® FX International Payments is offering a specified exchange rate for any given currency.

Creating a Rate Alert


To access Rate Alert, go to My Account > Rate Alert, then:


  • 1Click on the Create Rate Alert tab, and select the currency you want American Express to monitor from the Currency drop-down menu.

  • 2Fill in the approximate Amount, the specified Rate and the date you’d like the monitoring to stop (the Expiry Date).

  • 3Choose the Users you wish to receive the rate alerts, and whether the alerts should be sent via SMS or email.

  • 4Click Create Rate Alert in the lower right of the page.

Steps to create a rate alert by inputting details such as currency, amount, rate and expiry date.

Viewing/Modifying Rate Alerts


To manage your alerts, click on the View/Modify Rate Alerts tab. You can delete alerts individually or all at once by checking the appropriate box and clicking Delete in the lower right of the page.


TIP : Rates may fluctuate,and there is no guarantee the specified rate will still be available when you have logged into the FX International Payments platform.
View the steps to delete/modify any rate alerts created earlier for the outgoing wires.

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