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American Express Corporate Program

Good for Business.
Great forPeople.Benefits.Rewards.Efficiency.Insights.Oversight.

Get Corporate Cards for your employees — and so much more.

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Corporate Credit Cards From American Express

Get the Cards + easy expense management tools + the Company's choice of rewards + expert insights to help your company thrive.

See Spending

Get full visibility into all the ways your employees use their company Cards with American Express @Work®1

Set Limits

Take action to control employee spending — and add to your bottom line with American Express @Work®.1

Reinvest Rewards2

Options available to earn Membership Rewards® points for individual employees or for the company to earn points or cash back in the form of a monthly statement credit on the centrally billed statement.

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Beyond Cards, enjoy top-notch benefits that can add control + reward employees.

Help keep your company's spending in line—in real time.

  • Turn industry-specific insights into company savings.11
  • Get ahead of spending with customized spending limits for employees with American Express @Work®.1
  • Catch unusual employee expenses with real-time alerts.

Making your employee's work lives easier is a good thing.

  • Your company chooses between rewards programs based on different employee and company needs.2
  • Enjoy a streamlined submission process between employees and finance.
  • Get premium travel benefits to help make life on the road less complicated.

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American Express® Corporate Program
Discover the Corporate Card program designed with flexible solutions to serve businesses like yours.

The American Express Corporate Program for Startups offers the option of Full Corporate Liability with no personal credit score impact, plus select benefits, rewards, and business tools that come with American Express Card Membership. Terms apply.
Discover extensions to repay terms to suppliers, leverage unsecured credit and earn the rewards of your Card on eligible vendor payments. Terms apply.
Discover the Wholesale software and e-commerce payment solutions that the American Express® Corporate Program has to offer. Plus take advantage of opportunities to earn cash back in the form of a statement credit or Membership Rewards® points, if enrolled, on travel and supplies. Terms apply.
Professional Services
Professional Services
Flexibility to accommodate your business spending. Perks and rewards for the way you do business. Terms apply.
Help fund life-saving biotech breakthroughs, pharma equipment, or healthcare technology — and take advantage of premium travel benefits to help get them into the right hands. Terms apply.
Green Tech
Green Tech
Discover the ways that businesses focused on sustainable construction and energy management systems can benefit from the American Express® Corporate Program’s extended buying power, Corporate Cash-Back and Membership Rewards® programs. Terms apply.

Get powerful payment tools to better manage your transactions.

American Express ® Go Virtual Cards

Need a fast, flexible way for your team to pay?

Extend is a payments app that allows you to create and send virtual Cards for supplier payments using your American Express® Card. Enrollment Required.12

Automated Payment Solutions

Need an efficient way to pay suppliers?

Automated Payment Solutions lets you save time and earn rewards on your Card by automating your accounts payable process.13

vPayment Transaction Security

Need added security on certain transactions?

vPayment gives you single-use account numbers that can help you control spending and reduce the risk of fraud.14

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If approved, enjoy the efficiency and control of your new program.

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Looking for a better fit?

If you’re a startup

Get the spending power that comes with the option of Full Corporate Liability and no personal guarantee.15
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If you’d like American Express® Business Cards

Get the Cards with rewards, benefits, and offers built to back hard-working business owners.
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