American Express flexible payments options

Giving you added flexibility to help your business thrive

Flexible Payment Option is a feature on your Charge Card allowing you to free up your cash flow with
an instant line of credit. Instead of paying your balance in full each statement period, you can choose to pay
off a portion of it over time.1

How does it work?


Make purchases on your Charge Card as usual

You’ll receive a statement at the end of each statement period summarising your spend.


Decide how much of your balance to pay

Choose to pay the Closing Balance, the minimum amount due, or any amount in between (up to your FPO Limit)1.


Manage your
own repayments

Carry over any unpaid amount to your next month's balance. Interest charges apply. Check your Account Statement for your Interest Rate.

On your Card and ready to use


No extra paperwork needed

If you are eligible, there is no need to apply or activate. Flexible Payment Option is an existing feature on your Charge Card.


Flexible amount and term

You choose what portion of your balance to pay off over time1 (up to your FPO Credit Limit) and how long you’d like to take to pay it back.


Continue earning rewards points2

You’ll still earn rewards points on any purchases you make using your Charge Card.

How your business can benefit

This feature gives you added cash flow flexibility and means you have access to an instant line of credit when you need it, without having to dip into your personal savings, take out a loan or put up additional security.

Business Benefits

Some possible uses:

Managing fluctuations in cash flow

Equipment replacement

Emergency expenses

Taking advantage of limited time supplier discounts

“Having Flexible Payment Option has meant that any small hiccups in my business’ finances, stay small.”

Jennifer Moran PPC Solutions

“Having Flexible Payment Option on-hand gave me the peace of mind I was looking for during all the holiday madness.”

Bill Jenkins D3SIGN


Existing Card Members

Call your Account Manager or the number on the back of your Card.



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