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Payment flexibility made to suit your lifestyle with American Express.

There are plenty of easy ways to pay your Card statement. You can go online, pay via your Amex App, use Direct Debit, BPAY or pay in person at any Australian Post Office.

Get the most out of your Credit Card with Plan ItTM


Plan ItTM Instalments is designed to give you the flexibility to pay off your Card balance the way you want. You can realise a dream and try new experiences, then pay off your balance in monthly instalments with 0% interest and a fixed monthly fee1.


Plan It in 3 simple steps

1. Choose an amount over $150 to pay from your total balance.

2. Select the length of your instalment plan – either 3,6,9 or 12 months.

3. Review the terms & monthly fee of your chosen plan and confirm. It’s that easy.

Know your repayment options


When your statement arrives, you’ll have a choice of repayment options. You can pay off the entire closing balance on, or before the statement due date, in which case you’ll avoid paying any interest. Or, you can choose to pay at least the minimum payment due. With this option, you’ll incur interest on outstanding balances. 


How to work with your interest free period


The best way to use your Credit Card is to aim to avoid paying interest, which means paying off a purchase within the interest free period. The Credit Card interest free period, ‘or interest free days’, refers to the time between purchasing something with your Credit Card and when interest is applied to that purchase. Depending on the card, this can be up to 25 days following the end of your statement period. 

In the example below, the Credit Card has up to 55 interest free days and assumes that the previous two months’ balance has been paid in full. 

1 Jan: Statement period begins

Your 30-day statement cycle begins from today. 

10 Jan: You make a purchase 

You have 45 Interest Free Days to pay for this purchase

30 Jan: Statement period ends

It’s been 30 days since the statement period began. You now have 25 days to pay your closing balance.  

31 Jan: New statement period begins

24 Feb: Payment due date

Your interest free days end now. Pay your closing balance to avoid being charged interest.

Pay your Credit Card your way


With so many ways to pay your Card statement, you’ll find one that makes life simple.

Pay bill online

Pay bill with the Amex app

Pay bill with Direct Debit

Pay bill with BPAY

Pay bill in person

Charge Cards let you rewrite the rules. 


Compared to a normal Credit Card, a Charge Card is a different way to manage your finances. With no set limit, you have the freedom to spend more when you want to without interest, but you’re required to pay off the balance in full by the due date each month, otherwise you may get charged late payment fees.


  • No interest
    A Charge Card does not incur interest, however you will need to pay your balance in full every month, as a fee is incurred if the amount is not paid off in full.
  • More purchasing power
    No pre-set spending limit gives you greater purchasing power. No pre-set spending limit does not mean unlimited spending. Your purchases are approved based on a variety of factors, including current spending patterns, your payment history, credit records, and financial resources known to us.
  • Earn points on purchases 
    With no pre-set spending limit, you can increase the points you earn along the way – meaning rewards could be yours even sooner. 

The American Express Platinum Card  


Enjoy perks worthy of Platinum, expect to travel, and stay in style all over the world with this Charge Card. You’ll also enjoy a Travel Credit to spend on eligible flights, hotel, car hire and unforgettable experiences with the Platinum Travel Service. 


  • $450 Travel Credit to spend on travel through American Express Travel Online each year2

  • Access to 1200+ airport lounges across more than 130 countries3

  • Complimentary benefits with an average total value of $700* per 2 night stay with Fine Hotels + Resorts4

  • Complimentary Accor Plus membership valued at $399 per year5

  • Complimentary Travel Insurance when you use your Card to pay for your return trip6

Choose the Card that best suits you


Earn Membership Rewards points on everyday spending.

Frequent Flyer

Maximise rewards
every trip.


Take advantage of premium benefits and service.

No Annual Fee

Save money
no annual fee.

David Jones

Make your everyday
spend go further


Discover more American Express Cards benefits


Get ready to treat yourself. With so many ways to earn Membership Rewards points, you can splash out on the latest fashion, tickets to a must-see event, a weekend away and more.

     Access and Events

Dive into experiences you’ll never forget. From pre-sale tickets and lounge access at the most sought-after shows, to exclusive benefits at exhibitions and movies, you can spend your nights out in style.


From shopping and dining to travel, entertainment and more, Amex Offers has got you covered.




It’s never too late to start planning your dream trip. With our world-class travel service at your fingertips, you can book flights, hotel stays and more for whenever you’re ready to head off.

     Service and Security

We’re serious about your Card security. That’s why you’ll get the backing of our fraud and purchase protection, along with on-hand support for things like emergency Card replacement.

Whatever you’re looking for you’ll always find them on American Express®  Cards