Understanding Credit Card Repayments

Find out what you need to know about your Credit Card bill and how to manage it.


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What are Credit Card repayments?

When your statement arrives, you’ll have a choice of repayment options. You can pay off the entire closing balance on, or before, the statement due date, in which case you’ll avoid paying interest. Or, you can choose to pay your closing balance over time by paying at least the minimum monthly payment amount. This option will mean you will be paying interest.

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What is a minimum repayment?

The minimum amount you have to pay by the payment due date. For American Express® Credit Cards, this is set at 2.5% of your closing balance or $30, whichever is greater. It is not recommended as a long-term solution because if you make only the minimum monthly payment, you will pay more interest and it will take you longer to pay off your balance.

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What happens if I’m not able to pay the minimum repayment?

We understand that there are some things in life that are out of your control. If you are experiencing financial difficulty or hardship, we have a dedicated Customer CARE Team that is committed to finding ways to help.

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Can I set up an automatic payment plan?

Automatic payment plans are a great way to ensure that you pay your Credit Card bills on time. If you set up a direct debit to automatically pay a certain amount every month, you can have the peace of mind knowing you’ve made your payment. You can also opt-in for SMS or email alerts to remind you that a payment is due.

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How will the type of payment I make affect the interest charged?

If you only pay the minimum repayment, you’ll still get charged interest. This will appear on your next statement. If you choose to pay the minimum payment amount for several months and then decide to pay in full, interest will still appear from the previous month’s closing balance. This is known as ‘trailing interest’ and is the amount of interest that accrues between when your Credit Card bill is sent and when payment is received.

Pay off your balance in monthly instalments

Plan It Instalments offers you a flexible way to pay off your Credit Card balance in equal monthly instalments, with 0% p.a. interest and a fixed monthly fee*. It’s already on your Card, so you can keep buying wherever you normally shop and pay later in instalments.


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What is a late payment fee?

A Late Payment fee is a fee incurred if you do not pay the minimum payment by the payment due date as indicated on your statement. Not paying your credit repayments on time could affect your credit score.

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Choose how you pay your bill


There are a variety of ways to pay your American Express bill, including American Express Online Services, Amex App, Direct Debit, American Express Card PayID​, BPAY® or pay in person at any Australian Post Office. All available methods of payment are detailed here.



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