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American Express® Corporate Card Digital Application Process 


If you require an American Express Corporate Card <insert company internal procedure>. Once you are invited to apply, you will need to follow the below process. Please note that Cards may take up to 10 business days to be sent to you, once your Company and American Express complete their checks on your Application.


STEP 1 – Invitation to Apply for American Express Card

You will receive the invitation to apply for your Corporate Card via two emails:

  • The first email will include your unique Application ID, required to securely access your Application.
  • The second email will include your secure URL link to your Application.


To initiate the Application, you will need to enter:

  • Your email address,
  • Application ID (sent directly to you via email) and,
  • Secure URL link (sent directly to you via email)


Corporate card application

STEP 2 – Complete Online Application

Application forms may take up to 10 minutes to complete and can be saved so that you can return to them at any time to fulfil the remaining requirements. Simply enter the URL and your email address that you originally used to retrieve your Application form.

  • Read the Before You Begin section
  • Ensure all mandatory fields are completed
  • Upload any supporting documentation as directed
  • Review and submit your Application for your Company’s approval
  • You will receive two automated emails from American Express when you first save or complete your Application. This will show you how to log back into the Application securely.

Please ensure you carefully complete all relevant fields to ensure no delay in processing.

STEP 3 – Additional Data Required for CKYC Reporting

Please complete the required CKYC fields. This link will open a new window. Your Application cannot be processed without this information. Please close the window when finished and continue with the Application.

STEP 4 – Supporting Documentation

It is mandatory to provide along with your Card Application, a copy of an acceptable official valid document (OVD) & a passport size photograph for KYC.


Your Application will be processed only on receipt of 3 documents: a Passport Size Photograph, PAN or Form 60, and a Proof of Address Document. One of the documents submitted should also mention the date of birth and this should match with the date of birth mentioned in the Personal Details section of this form.


In case the attached document does not mention the complete date of birth, then an additional document mentioning the complete date of birth (issued by a competent authority) needs to be submitted.


Please ensure that the documents uploaded are clear once scanned and attached to this Application. You may be asked to re-supply these documents again if the image is not easily identifiable.

STEP 5 – Authorised Signatory Approval

Once you press the “Submit” button on your Application, your Company’s Authorised Signatory will receive the completed form and begin reviewing it to ensure your Application is valid. If they are satisfied with your submission, they will approve it and the form will be securely sent to American Express for processing. 

STEP 6 – Status Tracking and What to Expect Next

If at any time you wish to see the status of your Application, you can refer to your email from American Express with an update on the status of your Application or contact your Programme Administrator who can view the status in Track Applications.


Should there be any issues with your Card Application you will be either contacted by your Programme Administrator or receive an email from American Express.


If your Application is successful you should receive your American Express Corporate Card within 10 business days.

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