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American Express @ Work® Global Apply for Card Quick Start Guide


Initiate, Approve and Track Card applications in one place with ease


The Corporate Card application process is now faster and more collaborative than ever.

Send Applications with Ease – Initiate applications with only a few clicks and Applicants receive an invitation to apply from American Express

Save Time – Line Manager Pre-Approvers directly action the application in @ Work, even if they do not have an @ Work ID. Applications appear in
@ Work when ready for final approval, if needed

Collaborative – Unlimited @ Work User sharing at the Control Account level. Share Access Keys and see all applications in progress

Increase Accuracy and Speed of Card in Hand – Application only displays required fields, highlights errors and offers help text to reduce errors that require rework

Centralised Monitoring – View the status of applications, with the power to resend, cancel or approve as needed at your fingertips

@ Work User Experience

Locating Critical Functions

Quickly navigate to relative tabs to conduct critical tasks with ease.

Apply for card

Click Apply for Card (NEW) in the @ Work home screen.
If the User is already enrolled to the existing AFC tool the top two links; Submit and Approve Card Applications will appear.

send application

1. Send Applications

IIn the Send Applications tab, select the initiate option that is best for the Applicant

manage application

2. Manage Applications

The To Do List tab lists all Applications pending action: approve, reroute or cancel

track application

3. Track Applications

In Track Applications tab you can view all Card Applications and the current status

Initiating a Card Application

Select Quick Send (Company Authorised Signatories only) or select the Access Key you wish to initiate the application from.

review and confirm1
enter employee details

1. Enter Applicant Details

Select the Control Account number or Access Key and add relevant employee contact details, including email address

review and submit

2. Review and Submit

To be used by Authorised Signatory ONLY. Ensure all fields are complete and click Send

review and confirm1

3. Confirmation

The system will confirm the Application ID and automatically email an invitation to the Applicant

Enabling Employees to Initiate a Card Application

Card Applicant ‘Self Initiate’ Link enables Employees to access information to apply on internal materials to initiate their own applications

program administrator

1. Select an Access Key

Select the Access Key then click the link Copy Link for Card Applicant Self Initiate

URL presents

2. URL for Self Initiate

Share the URL(s) that presents and the Access Key Number with applicants



All Card Applicant self-initiated applications will be routed back to @ Work for final approval.

Managing Card Applications

In the application summary, Authorised Signatories can Approve, Decline, or Re-route to Applicant for additional details


1. Review

Selecting the Arrow on the left of each application will display summary information.
The number of applications Ready for Review and Rush Card (urgent) will appear.
Currently, only Australia enables Rush Card capability. .

choos your action

2. Choose Your Action

Select from one of the actions to the right of the Application summary.
Multiple application approvals or cancellations can be initiated by ticking boxes alongside applications in the list and selecting the required button.

choos your action

3. Review and Confirm

A pop up will ask you to confirm your selection. This change to the Application will be reflected in the Status Tracking screens.

Track a Card Application

The list presents all Card Applications to allow Programme Administrators to see where the Application is in progress

view application list

1. View Application List

In the Track Applications tab, @ Work Users can view all Applications and their current status at a glance

view status of application

2. View Current Status

The application status is available for each stage of the journey

Resend email application invitation to Applicant

Should the Applicant not have received their email they can be triggered again from the Track Applications screen

view application list

1. Select the Card Application

Select the application to be resent – only those in Sent to Employee status are applicable

view status of application

2. Resend Email

Edit the Applicant email if necessary, then select confirm.

Quickly locate applications to confirm status

The list presents all Card Applications to allow Programme Administrators to see where the Application is in progress

view application list

1. Dynamic Search Capabilities

Type in Employee Name, Employee ID, Email or Status Tracking Number to search.

view status of application

2. Filter Selections

Filters include Application Status, Country or customisable Date Range.

Access Key creation – simply set your options and save

Unlimited Access Key sharing at the Control Account level. Once created, Access Keys do not expire.

access key creation
access key
access key
access key
access key

Details automatically appear according to the Card Programme linked to the Basic Control Account Number.


Select a unique and memorable Access Key name
Only Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Card Types linked to the Control Account will appear for selection


Employee ID and Cost Centre are optional. If Yes selected these will be mandatory fields for the Applicant.
Optional field length can also be mandated between 1 – 10 characters or left as “Any” if there are varying lengths


Approvals can occur before or after the Card Applicant has completed their application. The @ Work User who last edited the Access Key is the Post-Submission Approver

Access Key creation – Customise Approvals

Card Applications can be pre-approved before the Applicant completes the form without requiring final approval. Or pre-approval of Card Applications can be in addition to final approval before sent to American Express for processing.

view application list

1. I’ll Assign Approvers

Select this option if the Programme Administrator is to nominate the pre-Approvers. Up to 3 Approvers can be nominated.

view status of application

2. Card Applicant to Assign Approvers

Card Applicants can nominate Pre-Approvers to minimize ongoing maintenance to Access Keys.

view status of application

3. No Pre-Approvers

If Authorised Signers are only required at the end of the process when the application is complete, then select this option.

Card Applicant Experience

The Corporate Card Applicant Journey

Upon receipt of emails from American Express, Applicants simply log in using the link and Application ID provided. Applicants may also use the URL and Access Key posted on Corporate intranets if provided

view application list

1. Applicant Emails

Once the application has been initiated, two emails are generated by American Express to the Applicant containing an Application ID and link to URL

view status of application

2. Log In to Apply

Applicants enter their email and Application ID to access the application.
Or if self-initiating they will be required to enter their assigned Access Key.

Managing Card Applications

Applicant completes all fields and accepts terms and conditions, reviews and confirms information before submitting.

view application list

1. Before You Begin Message

Applicants to carefully review this message to ensure all supporting documentation is correctly supplied before starting the application process


If the Access Key enables Applicants to nominate Pre-Approvers, they will be asked to supply information before they can continue.

view status of application

2. Complete the Application

Complete the fields as required. Know Your Customer (KYC) details and identification documents need to be scanned and uploaded to the form as needed.

view status of application

3. Tracking ID

Retain this unique reference number for your records.

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