Corporate Purchasing Card and Corporate Purchasing Account

Help improve your purchase and payment process from end-to-end


Manage low amount, high volume purchases


Start enjoying your new Cardmember Benefits

The American Express Corporate Purchasing Solutions help you provide employees with the flexibility to make the purchases they need, without sacrificing expense control and full transaction reporting.


Features & Benefits


Efficiency and Savings

  • Reduces manual processes and consolidates multiple invoices in one monthly payment.

  • More efficient procure-to-pay process.

  • Improved cashflow with extended payment.

Online Management Information and Reporting

24/7 administration tools for B2B payments help automate management with little or no investment and minimal integration.


  • Access reports in various formats and layouts.

  • Easily monitor compliance and spend by supplier.

  • Track spend within industry through expense summary reports.

  • Forecast future spending based on quarter-over-quarter or year-over-year benchmarks.

Control and flexibility

  • Purchasing Compliance - Customised, preset controls to ensure compliance, streamline approvals and help to protect your company from out-of-policy spend and fraud.

  • Flexible Spending Limits - Set and maintain limits by transaction or by month or set temporary limits. Can be implemented at the corporate account or Cardmember level.

  • Supplier Controls - Take advantage of discounts from existing contracts and help secure preferential rates in the future. Control where your employees spend and rapidly enable or disable spending with specific suppliers to fulfil contract volume thresholds or manage disputes.


Streamlined Reconciliation

With the web-based Corporate Account Reconciliation (CAR) tool, you can:

  • Centralize your Corporate Purchasing Card spending

  • Improve the allocation and reconciliation process by reducing manual data entry.

  • Match expenses to online order systems.

  • Provide visibility to Cardmembers, managers and procurement teams enabling effective management of your purchasing programmes.