American Express®
Online Privacy Statement - Singapore




January 2022

American Express is committed to protecting your privacy. Our global set of Data Protection and Privacy Principles outline our commitment to the privacy of all our customers.

This Online Privacy Statement outlines what information we collect online, why we collect it, and how we access, use, disclose, and protect it.  This includes information we collect online through:

  • Online services we operate – such as our websites, online platforms and mobile apps.
  • Services or content we provide to third party platforms – such as online communications, social media pages, voice assistant apps, and digital ads. 
  • All other services or content that link to or reference this statement.

Our websites and apps are not intended for use by persons under 18 years of age. We don’t knowingly collect information online from – or market online to – persons under 18 years of age.

Here’s something to keep in mind

We may provide you with more details about how we use your information, depending on the product or service you use. In this case, we’ll provide additional Terms & Conditions, privacy statements, or notices. For example, your Card Member privacy terms and conditions includes more specific details about how we use information tied to your Card. 

Third-party services – such as social media sites – have additional terms that explain how they handle your information. Please take a moment to review the terms of any other online services you use, to ensure your security.