Disputes & Chargebacks



Learn everything you need to know about resolution process, and tips to avoid disputes will help protect your profitability from chargebacks and unwanted account debits.



Card Member Disputes



A dispute occurs when a Card Member contacts American Express to question a charge on their statement.


A chargeback occurs when, after investigation of the dispute, we debit your account for the amount of the disputed transaction and credit the Card Member with this amount. There are simple steps you can take to minimise the chances of a dispute and chargeback happening.







Ways to Minimise Disputes


There are many ways that you can protect your business from unnecessary disputes and chargebacks. Watch this video to learn the ways to minimise them for your business.




Keep customers informed:


Advise Card Members of your return and cancellation policies, and inform if there is any delays or rescheduling required.




Keep records:


Keep all your records of sales and charges for 12 months, including signed receipts for delivery items.




Streamline your process:


Process credits as soon as possible. Make sure to cancel future billings for recurring billing upon request.







The Dispute Process


Disputes can be complicated. This step-by-step flowchart can help make the process clearer for you, so you know what to expect if a charge is disputed.




The Dispute Process flowchart.  Read now






General Tips for American Express Disputes



Always respond to American Express by the reply-by date.


Provide American Express with all requested documentation and any additional relevant information.


Completely address the dispute reason in your written response.



Compelling Evidence Policy updates- more types of evidence can now be accepted, click here for details or find out the full policy requirements here.








Manage Disputes Efficiently Online


Stay on top of your dispute cases with email notifications.

Respond quickly by uploading support documents with a few clicks.

All case history is stored in one place so you'll never lose track of your cases.


Manage disputes online.  Register now









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Cards not present (online transactions)



Recurring transactions

Recurring Billing Policy updates for Introductory Offers and Free Trials, click here for details.



Estimated Authorisation Policy updates for Card Not Present Grocery and Retail