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Add Supplementary Cards to your Account to share the world of American Express with those dear to you.

Share access to the benefits you love

A Supplementary Card is an additional Card that lets you share the benefits and convenience of your American Express® Card with family or friends. With just one account, Supplementary Cards can be used in different locations at the same time. Plus, you will earn points, miles or cashback whenever additional Card Members use their Supplementary Card.

Earn rewards faster 

Earn rewards on your Supplementary Card Member's purchases the same way you do on your own Card, so rewards can really add up.

Extend savings

Supplementary Card Members can also enjoy privileges for dining, travel, shopping and lifestyle on their American Express Cards. 

Share convenience

Breeze through checkout by making quick, secure payments with your contactless Card or digital wallet.

Eligibility and Important Information

✔ Supplementary Card applicants should be over 18 years of age.


✔ The Principal Cardholder must complete the Supplementary Card application form, attach the mandatory documents and return the documents to us for processing.

Documents Required for Supplementary Card Application

Singapore Citizen / Permanent Resident

✔ Photocopy of NRIC (front and back)

✔ Proof of residential address dated within the last 3 months, if address on NRIC differs from residential address provided in the Supplementary Card application form (e.g. utility bill, telephone bill or bank statement with Supplementary Card applicant's name)


✔ Photocopy of valid passport (at least 6 months’ validity)


✔ Proof of residential address dated within the last 3 months (e.g. utility bill, telephone bill or bank statement with Supplementary Card applicant's name)

Apply for a Supplementary Card 


Share the love and the benefits with your nearest and dearest.

Platinum Cards

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Premium Service

American Express begins and ends with service. From finding a doctor when you're abroad, to resolving an authorised transaction.
You can spend on your Card with total peace of mind. We'll protect you against fraud, faulty goods and even if you change your mind, we guarantee you'll be without worries.
Your American Express Card is welcome for everyday purchases at your favourite supermarkets, health and beauty stores, gas stations and more.