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Consulting Expertise

Consulting Expertise

American Express Consulting is an independent advisory team that can provide specialist procurement process strategies and insight to your business. With over 30 years experience and access to global best practice and benchmarking data, our review and recommendations could help you to achieve the 3 key objectives of increased savings, risk management and process savings.

  • Make big savings through effective supplier rationalisation, supplier negotiation deals and a broad supplier strategy.
  • We can review and develop your Travel and Meetings policies, plus provide advice on savings, process and risk management.
  • Drive efficiency with process improvement opportunities and maximise cost reductions.


American Express Consulting can evaluate the effectiveness of your procurement strategies through the following services:

  • Multiple vendor data consolidation and analysis
  • Savings (and missed savings) quantification
  • Departmental benchmarking
  • Fraud health check


Control procurement management

Establishing a comprehensive supplier strategy is a crucial first step to making your Travel and Entertainment (T&E) policy work for your business.


American Express Consulting has over 30 years experience working with travel and entertainment procurement. This has given us access to the most detailed travel data available, coupled with experience negotiating air and hotel contracts with the world’s largest corporations. We can assist you in the development of your Company’s supplier strategy with the confidence that:

  • All supplier negotiations are based on full data visibility
  • Maximum savings are driven through effective supplier rationalisation
  • Key negotiated supplier deals are benchmarked versus competition

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