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We present the NEW American Express Home — a growing digital platform of premium online experiences, created exclusively for American Express International Dollar Card members. You can cook-and-share with celebrated Chef Diego Oka as he welcomes you into his kitchen to share a story and some of his favorite dishes, or you can explore your inner self with a unique sensory experience, designed by the wellness gurus at The Sacred Space Miami. With the NEW American Express Home, you get the experiences you love, from the comfort of your home.

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Juan Mónaco | Refine your Forehand


Today, Juan Mónaco will give you some tips to improve your tennis forehand.

Juan Mónaco | Tennis Tips


If learning from home is more your style, former pro player, Juan Mónaco, shares his knowledge on the court to help you improve your tennis game."Pico" Mónaco won 9 single titles, reached the semi finals of the 2010 Shanghai Masters and the 2012 Miami Masters, and achieved a career-high singles ranking of world number 10 in July 2012.




Nicolás Echavarría | Golf Tips


On this newest episode of Amex Home, professional golfer Nicolás Echavarría shares important advice on how to improve the distance of your drive.

Nicolás Echavarría | Golf Tips


Successfully navigate the bunker with the help of professional golfer Nicolás Echavarría. Nicolás turned Professional back in 2017, and is currently competing on the Korn Ferry Tour. He has placed in the top 10 on a couple occasions and has competed in 50 events over his short career.

Hernán Rey | Hernán Rey Academy


We are excited to introduce you to Hernán Rey, a professional golf coach and respected sports analyst on one of the world's most popular sports channels. On this episode of Amex Home, we step on to the course with Hernán to get exclusive tips and advice from a pro coach. During his career as a professional golfer, Rey competed in over 50 countries worldwide, including the PGA Tour and many more. On several occasions, he was also caddy for renowned golfers like Angel Cabrera, Vicente Fernandez, and Daniel Vancsik. Hernán Rey is the founder and owner of the “Hernán Rey Academy” in Orlando, Florida. 

Hernán Rey | Hernán Rey Academy


Improve your approach with these exclusive tips from professional golf coach Hernán Rey.

Chef's Corner



Christian Delpech | The Spaniard


On this week's delicious episode Amex Home, the world-famous bartender Christian Delpech prepares one of his favorite cocktails, “The Spaniard”. Described as a cocktail that starts sweet but finishes dry, “The Spaniard” is a favorite among customers and an excellent drink to enjoy anytime of the day.

Christian Delpech | from Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company in Miami Beach, FL


Delight your tastebuds with the Fancy Paloma, made by the award-winning mixologist Christian Delpech.

Christian Delpech | from Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company in Miami Beach, FL


Relax with the perfect summer cocktail, Our Piña Colada, made with flair by mixologist Christian Delpech.

Christian Delpech | from Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company in Miami Beach, FL


On this new episode of Amex Home, we are excited to introduce you to professional mixologist and flair champion Christian Delpech. So, grab a seat at the bar and enjoy a delicious craft cocktail with a splash of entertainment. 

Chef's Corner




Tom Criswell

For Art Basel week, Amex Home brings you an exclusive look into the Miami Art Scene. It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the influential artist Tom Criswell.



Enter the Studio


In this latest edition, we sit down with the upcycling artist to hear his story. Tom Criswell explains that while some artists choose to make upcycling evident, his approach is much subtler. He wants people to wonder what they are looking at, and only after further inspection will they notice a soda cap, a hard drive, etc. This interaction with the artwork will cause people to reconsider the piece's message and help create consciousness. To this day, Tom continues to explore new artistic possibilities from his Miami studio using found, upcycled materials to further his artistic evolution.

Enter the Studio Part 2


Tom talks about the artistic process and discovering inspiration. Each painting communicates to him what comes next. Before completing a piece, Tom analyzes
the work and meditates about it. He believes that in quiet moments of reflection, he will find inspiration for his next project.


Rafael Rangel

In this special edition, we join acclaimed artist Rafael Rangel inhis studio to hear his story. After graduating from Pratt Institute in 2001, Rafael worked alongside contemporary artist and film director Matthew Barney. Three years later, he moved to Caracas to live in Alberto Cavalieri’s warehouse and develop his craft.



Enter the Studio


Rafael Rangel uses familiar objects and brings them to an abstract plane where they can be perceived from a different perspective.

Enter the Studio Pt. 2


Rafael explains that his new project is a radical departure from his previousseries and marks an evolution in his artwork. No longer using everyday objects Rafael describes his latest work as a dialogue between painting and drawing, represented by the mixing of charcoal and oil colors.

Chef's Corner

Cesar Zapata

We are excited to introduce you to a true culinary craftsman, chef Cesar Zapata. In 2011, Chef Zapata and his partner Aniece Meinhold launched Miami's first pop-up concept, Phuc Yea and it was an overwhelming success. Five years later, Phuc Yea found a permanent home in the heart of the "MiMo" District of Miami.The Miami New Times just awarded Phuc Yea the "Best Restaurant in the Upper East Side." So, if you're in the mood for award-winning, Cajun-inspired Vietnamese streetfood, stop by Phuc Yea next time you're in Miami.

Smoked Salmon Roll

Amex Home is proud to present Chef Cesar Zapata, with us once more to share his recipe for Smoked Salmon Rolls; easy, refreshing, and wonderfully delicious.


Green Curried Mussels

Chef Cesar Zapata shows off his Green Curried Mussels. Join the Miami Chef as he prepares this simple but elegant dish.


Green Papaya Salad

On this week's episode of Amex Home, Cesar Zapata draws inspiration from his fusion restaurant and prepares a sweet and savory, Green Papaya Salad.


Glazed Donut Bread Pudding

In this week's edition of Amex Home, Cesar Zapata shares a decadent recipe for Glazed Donut Bread Pudding.



Diego Oka | from La Mar by Gastón Acurio at Mandarin Oriental, Miami

Diego Oka is a Japanese/Peruvian chef who blends personal experiences into his cuisine, ranging from his grandmother’s cooking to the food he discovered while living in Mexico and Colombia. Step into Oka’s online kitchen to see what he will prepare next.

Cebiche Mixto 


Huancaína-Style Potatoes

Chef Diego Oka continues his exploration of traditional dishes with homemade, Huancaína-style potatoes.


Stir-fried Tenderloin

Chef Diego Oka continues his exploration of traditional dishes with homemade, Stir-fried Tenderloin.


Crab Causa

Put on your apron and join him as he spices up Crab Causa, a savory, potato-based dish that’s easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy.



Laurie Lloyd

We are thrilled to introduce you to lifestyle coach and health professional Laurie Lloyd. Laurie Lloyd is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Nutritional Consultant, and Wellness Influencer. She loves sharing her favorite recipes, style tips, and beauty secrets to inspire others to live a much healthier lifestyle. 

Cauliflower "Fried" Rice

On our latest edition of Amex Home, Laurie Lloyd returns to share with us another healthy recipe, Cauliflower "Fried" Rice. Try it yourself with this easy to follow recipe video!

On our latest edition of Amex Home, Laurie Lloyd returns to share with us

another healthy recipe, Cauliflower "Fried" Rice. Try it yourself with this easy to follow

recipe video!


Balsamic Chicken

Nutritional expert Laurie Lloyd returns to the kitchen with a healthy recipe for Balsamic Chicken. Rich, nutritional, and delicious. This wholesome recipe with various kinds of mushrooms and spices is easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy, surrounded by those you love.


Baked Vegetable Frittata

In the latest Amex Home episode, Laurie Lloyd prepares one of her favoritebrunch recipes, Baked Vegetable Frittata.


Chopped Kale and Herb Salad

In this week’s episode of Amex Home, Laurie shares the importance of “crowding out” with a simple but delicious Chopped Kale and Herb Salad.



The Sacred Space Miami

Stay connected during this time— The Sacred Space Miami delivers a modern approach to sensory experiences designed for awakening the highest potential and radiant vibration for all. The knowledge and tools we offer enables evolution for the whole person mind, body, spirit and soul. Curated by Karla Dascal, founder of The Sacred Space Miami, both the online programming and holistic apothecary are rooted in ancient practices and modern day science. Follow Sacred Space and Shop Flow for further information. 



Practice Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Take a virtual wellness course, created exclusively for American Express IDC and developed by Sacred Space Miami, an urban oasis and gateway to high vibrational living.

15 Minute Version


Full Class


Maca Mousse


Learn how to make Maca Mousse, a rich and nutritious snack that’s loaded with superfoods to supercharge your day. Presented by Sacred Space Miami.


Practice Mind Centering Meditation


We are joined by wellness guru Donato Helbling from The Sacred Space Miami. Relax, breathe deep, and unwind with a guided meditation designed to awaken your spirit and calm your mind. 

Begin Your Meditation


We welcome guru Vila Vedya to guide you on a one-on-one, sound healing meditation. Brought to you by The Sacred Space Miami - an urban oasis that specializes in holistic