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Maintain Corporate Account

Maintain Corporate Account

Role of Authorizing Officers

As representatives of the company, Authorizing Officers (AOs) manage Corporate Accounts and Card Members. For example, an AO’s signature is required when applying for a new Card, appointing a Contact Person(s) or changing contracts.

To change, add or delete AO(s), please submit the "Change of Authorizing Officer Form (PDF)". It is possible for multiple persons to be registered as AOs.

Account Limits

Account limits can be set for each Card Member depending on their use.
Account limits are set at various levels (company, department, individual, etc.) in order to flexibly manage your company's expenses.

Contact the Corporate Services Center in order to update account limits.
If you would like to set a new credit limit by department, contact our Sales Representative.
If you are unclear on the staff member responsible, please contact the Corporate Services Center.

About Payment 

Your monthly cut off date is shown in the table below. Card Members can confirm the date in their Card carrier (the piece of paper that the Card is attached to) or on their monthly Card Statement. Please note that in the event of a payment not being processed by the payment due date, a delinquency fee may be charged.

Statement cut off and payment due dates

  Payment Method       Statement cut off date      Payment due date        
  Direct debit / bank transfer        
  18th or 19th of every month               10th of the following month            
  Bank transfer only    
  End of every month       23rd of the following month    

*If the above dates are on a Saturday, Sunday or a bank holiday, the payment due date will be on the following business day.

<Payment Method>

Please pay your amount either via direct debit from the bank account which you designated, or bank transfer.

<Payment Schedule>

Payments should be made by the date provided on the Card Statement.
In the case of delinquency of payment, the following action will be taken, depending on the numbers of days in arrears after the cut off date (depending on your account for each month).

・ 30 days overdue (or after payment date): Restrictions may be placed on Card use.
・ 60 days overdue: Use of the Card is temporarily suspended until payment is confirmed. In addition, late payment charges equivalent to a monthly 1.10% of amount due are charged (the following applies every month).
・ 90 days overdue: Card is cancelled immediately.
・ 120 days overdue: The matter is reported to a credit information agency.
(This does not apply for some forms of liability. If you are unsure about your company’s agreed liability type, please contact the Corporate Services Center.)

Travel Accident Insurance

The American Express® Corporate Card includes Travel Accident Insurance that pays up to 50 million yen for death or residual disability sustained in Japan (only applicable if transportation ticket or similar item is purchased with the Corporate Card) or overseas (whether the Card is used or not).
For details see the "Travel Accident Insurance Guide (PDF)".

Inquiries: American Express Insurance Hotline

0120-234586(9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays)

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