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Safeguard your jewellery assets.


Jewellery Protect ensures your jewellery remains an investment; not an expense. Whether it’s a family heirloom, a bespoke timepiece or a sentimental memento, your jewellery deserves specialised cover to safeguard against life’s uncertainties.


Jewellery Protect is designed to provide comprehensive protection specifically for your jewellery assets, including the option to return to your chosen jeweller for replacement or repair.


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  • Loss or Accidental Damage Cover against physical loss or accidental damage.
  • Worldwide Cover Your policy provides 12 months worldwide cover against damage and theft, wherever you travel.
  • Agreed Value Policy In the event you lose your items, you can receive the agreed value shown on your policy, less a $100 deductible which is applicable for each and every loss.
  • 125% Cover Your policy includes a 125% cover benefit. If your jewellery can’t be repaired or replaced for the amount shown on your policy, we’ll pay up to an extra 25%.
  • Complimentary Annual Revaluation Every 12 months, when you renew your policy, your jewellery will be revalued by an expert, at no additional charge.
  • Return to Your Chosen Jeweller or Watch Boutique Your policy will always give you the option to return to your original or preferred jeweller or watch boutique for replacement or repair.
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All jewellery tells a story. Is yours worth protecting?



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