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I have a cancelled recurring periodic charge that is still showing on my statement

For any recurring charge‚ such as a subscription‚ a company may have terms and conditions to automatically commence payments if you do not cancel the subscription within a specified time limit. In the first instance, you should check with the company what these are.
If you have cancelled a subscription within a company’s terms and conditions‚ prior to the charge date‚ and you have proof of the cancellation‚ we can help.

Get us involved

There are two ways you can contact us with regards to a cancelled recurring charge on your statement.

1. Simply call us – enter your Card number and follow the prompts in our automated voice system. To locate the number, go to Contact Us

2. Complete the Dispute Form online, print it, and simply fax or mail it to the contact details on the form (please remember to attach all records requested with the form).
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