American Express® Travelers Cheques

Travelers Cheques are backed by American Express


For more than a century our Travelers Cheques have helped travellers protect their money. Travelers Cheques may be refunded if lost or stolen. (Terms, conditions and restrictions apply. Identification and proof of purchase required.)


Travelers Cheques never expire

Unused Travelers Cheques can be used for future trips or redeemed.


Redeeming your Travelers Cheques


1. Redeem your Travelers Cheques with American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc     

You can call American Express customer service on (1-800-823-2090) to register a direct redemption claim(1). You can find additional contact numbers based on your location.


2. Exchange your Travelers Cheques for Local Currency

      Travelers Cheques are welcomed at thousands of locations worldwide (Exchange fees may apply). click / Tap below to find locations near you(2).



(1) We usually process claims & initiate payments within 5 business days.  However, when documents are required to process the claim, it can take up to 30 days, from when the documents are received, for a claim to be processed & a payment initiated.  Travelers Cheque Encashment service is provided by American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.

(2) It is highly recommended that you call the location prior to your visit and verify fees, limits, restrictions, exchange rates and availability.

May be refunded if lost or stolen*

24/7 customer support

Accepted at thousands of locations worldwide

Never expire

Travelers Cheques Service Centre

Get help with your Travelers Cheques and find answers to common questions about them

How to use Travelers Cheques


1. Sign

As soon as possible, sign your name on the upper signature line to help protect yourself in case of loss or theft. 


2. Record

Write down your serial numbers and keep them with you when you travel, separated from your Travelers Cheques. 


3. Protect

Safeguard your Travelers Cheques as you would cash. 


4. Use

To redeem, sign your Travelers Cheques on the lower signature line in front of the person accepting your Cheques.

Still need help?


You can call customer services on (1-800-823-2090). Alternatively, you can find additional contact numbers below based on your location.