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How do I report my Card lost, stolen, damaged or not received?

If your Card is lost, stolen, damaged or not received you can order a replacement Card for yourself or anyone else on your Account using your Online Services Account or the American Express® App. When you report that your Card is lost, stolen or not received we will cancel your Card immediately. If your Card is in your possession and is damaged you can continue using your Card until your replacement arrives.

**For Online: **Step 1 - Log in with your existing Online Account details or set up an Online Account. Step 2 - Go to ‘Account Management’ link in the navigation bar and select ‘Order a replacement Card for damaged, lost or stolen Cards’ under ‘Card Management’. Step 3 - Review and confirm your reason for a Card replacement. You may be prompted to complete some security questions. Step 4 - Review your details and confirm. Step 5 - Receive your Card via the post and activate online or on the Amex App.

For the Amex App, go to the 'Account' tab and select 'Replace a Card' and follow the instructions provided.

Important information: If you have your Card with you but do not have online access, you can set up an Online Account in just a few steps. If you do not have an Online Account to report and replace your Card, please contact us immediately.

You can continue to use your Card if you have added it to your digital wallet such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay whilst you wait for you replacement Card to arrive.

Watch how to order your replacement Card.