Being an American Express® Merchant


When accepting American Express Cards, your business is required to follow American Express policies and procedures.

Terms and Conditions for American Express Card Acceptance and Merchant Regulations – U.S.


The framework for our relationship with U.S. merchants and the way we communicate our policies are outlined in these key documents:

Terms and Conditions for American Express Card Acceptance: The terms and conditions govern your acceptance of the American Express Card.

Merchant Regulations – U.S.:  These policies and procedures set forth virtually everything you need to know about conducting business as an American Express merchant – from accepting American Express Cards, to processing and submitting transactions, to managing disputes. Get best practices and helpful tips, tools and insights designed to help you run your business.  The Merchant Regulations- U.S. are published twice a year, in April and October. 


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General Information

Get general information about our policies and procedures. This may change periodically. Please check back for updates.