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Do great things with your finances

From helpful ways to get on top your Credit Card bill to simple steps to save on your weekly groceries, learn what great things you can do to help you save money.

Financial Wellbeing

What can I get with 100,000 American Express Membership Rewards® Bonus Points?

Membership Rewards is how American Express Card Members earn points and is a flexible program that allows you to redeem through major airlines and hotel chains as well as for Gift Cards and pay with points options for your individual lifestyle needs. What’s more is that Memberships Rewards points don’t expire so long as your American Express Card Member Account is active and in good standing, which means you can earn points and flexibly redeem at your pace, and at a time that suits you. Learn how to make the most of the Membership Rewards points with your American Express Explorer Card to suit your lifestyle.

Financial Wellbeing

Five smart ways to make the most of a Credit Card.

Make your Credit Card work for you. Manage your finances, earn rewards and build a positive credit history with these smart tips and ways to use your Credit Card. Remember to stick to your budget, track your spending and pay your monthly bills in full.

Financial Wellbeing

Do great things when saving money

Simple ways to save on groceries, and spend more on what makes you happy. Learn how to grocery shop on a budget and spend wisely on food, so you can spend more on the things that matter to you. Here are some tips for grocery shopping.

Financial Wellbeing

Emergency fund: money-saving tips to get ahead with your finances

Having an emergency fund provides a financial safety net if something unexpected happens to you or your family. But when should you start saving, do you need to pay off your debt first, and how much should you put away for an emergency fund? Research has found that one in five Australians don’t put away a portion of their income for a rainy day. If you’re part of that statistic, or you are looking to increase your savings, the following are our top emergency fund tips to help you start saving money to cover urgent or unexpected expenses.




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