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Loans for Auto Repair Shops

When you need to hire and train new employees or implement new technology, an auto repair shop loan can help get you there faster.

Let American Express Business Blueprint Funding™ help drive your auto repair business.

In recent years, many consumers have been driving their cars and trucks longer to save money. This presents tremendous potential for auto repair shops and mechanics, but it costs money to take advantage of timely opportunities. American Express Business Blueprint Funding provides the small business funding you need to not only cover daily expenses, but make the most of this potential for more business.

When should I consider getting an auto repair shop loan?

Whether you're just opening your business or looking to attract new customers and increase sales, having an auto repair loan can address gaps in the working capital and can give you the extra boost you need. Specific examples of the ways you can use the working capital an auto repair shop loan affords include:

  • Invest in new technology
  • Teach existing employees new skills
  • Purchase tools and equipment
  • Hire additional staff
  • Expand your services

How can I get an auto repair shop loan?

Many traditional lenders do not like to lend to "special purpose facilities" like auto repair shops, and their lengthy approval processes can require extensive credit and financial documentation. Even if you are approved, it can take days to get working capital you need – and your opportunity could be gone by then.

At American Express Business Blueprint Funding, we want to help you cut through the red tape to get the auto repair loan you need. Our short-term small business loans are available through a fast, simple application that's fully automated.

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